When it comes to telecommunication services, many businesses believe that their processes are too complicated to use an automated system like ServiceNow. However, switching to your existing enterprise platform as an automated telecom expense management system can help increase efficiency and make work faster by streamlining routine day-to-day tasks with the use of automated workflows.

Here are some benefits to changing to an automated system:

Decreased Number of Tickets

An automated system can guide customers through the process of solving many problems themselves. While some tickets may require special assistance, the chances are that a great number of tickets can be taken care of without the use of an employee. With brightfin all tickets are handled through self-service on the ServiceNow platform. They go through a standard approval workflow and then brightfin will fulfill any requests that require action from a telecom provider. In our experience, we can eliminate around 75 percent of the telecom-related helpdesk tickets that are currently being handled by your team.

Free Up Your Employees’ Time

Many tasks that can be performed manually can also be automated such as fixed invoice management. You may have employees who spend valuable time working on these routine tasks when they could be spending their time working on projects that demand their full attention or creativity. Some of the tasks that brightfin can automate include: expenses optimization, invoice processing, audits, expense allocation and order fulfillment.

Eliminate Human Error

Sometimes simple tasks turn into major headaches for employees and customers due to mistakes. Automated systems can eliminate human error, make work consistent, and remove the chances of redoing work. This doesn’t only apply to the errors made on the business side, but also on the carrier. Approximately 60 percent of enterprise customers manually send requests to carrier reps via email or phone calls. The carrier reps then have to key those changes into their system manually. This creates a lot of extra work and many errors.

Collect Data

Using an automated system allows you to see what kind of questions and problems your customers are facing on a regular basis, so you can be proactive about providing solutions. ServiceNow does a great job of tracking and dashboarding these types of requests and the amount of time it requires to resolve requests.

Reduce Costs

Using an automated system can reduce costs associated with onboarding and offboarding employees, improving productivity, and minimize costs associated with maintaining your telecom resources. When using an automated system, more work can be done faster and more accurately than if there is a person managing it.

While telecommunications needs vary across industries, using the industry-leading automation platform, ServiceNow to deal with tasks can provide monetary benefits, improve customer and employee satisfaction and greatly improve process time. Reach out to learn how our unified telecom expense management platform can support you.