Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management

Optimize costs and show the true value of IT investments

Telecom expense management (fixed voice & data) used to be limited to just reducing spend. Today, IT departments are under pressure to not only streamline costs but to show the value of IT investments, especially as part of digital transformation projects. 

brightfin empowers IT teams to optimize budget through cost optimizations, more efficient workflows, and by expertly allocating IT spend to departments and company initiatives.

What is Telecom expense management video

What is Telecom Expense Management?

Telecom Expense Management platforms automate all of your IT-related invoices. By gaining visibility of IT spend, business leaders can answer the tough questions like:

  • What assets do we own and where are they?
  • Which invoices have we paid?
  • Are we paying the right amount?
  • Could we be spending less?
  • How much should we budget for next year?
Reduce voice and network costs
Automatically detect billing errors, inconsistencies, and orphaned services with brightfin's automated auditing and reconciliation solutions
Make your team more productive
Save your team time and effort by eliminating the manual work of processing invoices, allocating costs, and performing accruals
Get full telecom transparency
Get full visibility into your telecom-related expenses and services with detailed analytics and reporting down to individual service levels
Centralize telecom management
Centralize voice and network assets, expenses, usage, and services across all vendors with access for admins and cost-center managers
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Voice and network savings & insights

brightfin gives organizations the savings and insights they need through global transparency into their telecom contracts, invoices, inventory, and vendors. 

Our platform takes the manual effort out of managing your voice & network services, viewing it as an ecosystem where data easily flows from point to point. We do this with an easy-to-adopt UI that gives IT teams full control over all aspects of expense management. brightfin automates manual processes, integrates with key enterprise applications and telecom providers, and is designed to integrate with key ITSMs like ServiceNow. 

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Automated invoice processing

Managing all the tasks related to telecom expense management is a daunting process including processing invoices, auditing, reconciliation, disputes, and more. Compound that with checking each invoice for accuracy and finding cost saving opportunities and the task gets even more unmanageable.

brightfin’s pre-configured integrations with hundreds of telecom providers allows for automatic invoice processing preparing your team to manage invoices according to your business rules. In addition, we compare invoices to contracts to ensure you’re being billed the correct amount. 

Allocate expenses to the right place

Fixed invoice management means knowing exactly what your expenses are and where they’re being allocated. brightfin gives organizations the ability to understand the impact of their IT investments through expert allocation by department or company initiative. 

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Improve inventory accuracy

An accurate view of inventory enables brightfin users to know whether they’re accurately billed or need to make changes with their vendors. Growing organizations are often surprised by how much inventory is unaccounted for, unused, or being billed for incorrectly. In fact, shortly after implementing brightfin, one customer who had previously been using another platform found that they were paying for a service that should have been disconnected 8 years prior.

Leverage existing HR data

brightfin makes use of the inventory data that already exists in your ITSM solution. This allows us to ensure accuracy and to populate dashboards that make it simple to view your physical and non-physical assets by provider and status to manage their lifecycle. 

workflow automation

Provider quote management

Stop the back-and-forth, multiple email thread process typically used to request service quotes from telecom providers. brightfin has streamlined the manual effort of requesting telecom quotes with workflows and automations that save time and resources.

Through an easy-to-use UI, brightfin users receive & compare telecom quotes, communicate directly with providers, and are alerted when actions are needed. Using seamless provider integrations, organizations are also able to maintain an accurate product catalog.

Managed telecom services

Bring highly detailed voice and network expense information together with automated services for invoice processing, reporting and analytics, and chargebacks.
Telecom Bill Pay Services

Bill pay services

Managing telecom bill payment manually is a tedious task while outsourcing to a third party with limited visibility into your operations is often expensive and ineffective. estimated that it can cost up to $10 per invoice to process them manually, generating huge costs in organizations with hundreds or thousands of monthly invoices.

Free up resources

brightfin seamlessly manages bill payment, integrating with your ERP systems to automate the process with checks and balances based on existing business rules. Our bill pay customers free up more IT resources and avoid late payments / service interruptions. 

telecom dispute carrier services

Dispute management

brightfin’s easy-to-use platform gives users the ability to effortlessly create, track, and close billing disputes with telecom service providers. By automatically creating disputes from audits, your team simply needs to review and submit pre-built queries that are tracked until they are resolved.

telecom contract management software

Contract management

With a deep understanding of the telecom industry, brightfin provides expertise in all areas of telecom contract management. Using our platform, you can easily gather, store, and analyze contracts to ensure operational and financial compliance with your telecom providers.

telecom chargebacks


The brightfin platform allows organizations to easily chargeback IT services and expenses to internal departments such as finance, marketing, etc. This functionality can also be used by third party IT services which need to generate chargeback invoices for their customers.

Chargeback calculations are highly flexible to meet your business model. Chargeback pricing can be fixed, cost-based, or cost plus an agreed percentage for IT services.

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Installation requests

Need to install a new telecom service or change bandwidth? No problem – simply submit an installation request using brightfin’s easy-to-use platform and we’ll take care of it for you. 

brightfin takes the struggle out of managing your fixed telecom estate by capturing contracts, invoices, and inventory and linking them with enterprise data.

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