One platform for IT expense management

ITFM and Technology Expense Management

Gain expense optimization, efficiency, and transparency across your entire IT infrastructure

Many organizations are challenged by an increased reliance on technology and a consistent need to reduce IT budget. As teams grow, so does the amount of mobile devices, fixed line costs, and cloud expenses. IT teams with full transparency over their IT expense ecosystem are able to optimize costs and deploy more resources to strategic technology initiatives.

brightfin’s software easily identifies carrier cost savings, provides automations for more efficient workflows, and empowers you with IT expense transparency through actionable dashboards.

brightfin delivers comprehensive IT expense management and TEM services for mobility, telecom, and cloud in a unified platform

Optimize spend
Unify technology expense management across a single platform - mobile, fixed, and cloud
Simplify IT
Automate tasks and outsource non-core services to brightfin experts with a single platform for lifecycle management, bill pay, unified endpoint management, and more
Improve workflow
Robust integrations across workflow engines such as ServiceNow
Enhanced visibility
Providing IT spend visibility and allocation across your organization for improved IT Finance Management (ITFM)
IT expense management software built on service now

TEM Services + ITFM + ServiceNow

With the growing complexity of technology, many companies are challenged with getting a clear view of their IT costs by department or initiative. Traditional TEMs are limited to using multiple platforms with siloed data that leads to a fragmented management service for IT categories like mobile, fixed, and cloud.

brightfin’s TEM experts backed by our Built on Now technology bring all your IT invoices into a single portal which solves a lot of problems:

  • Reduce spend across IT categories
  • See all of your IT spend in consolidated and broken out dashboards
  • Easily allocate spending by departments, locations, and even projects
  • Out-of-the-box workflows and portals make processes more efficient
  • Plus managed services like audits, procurement, deployment, bill pay, and more

One platform for mobile, telecom, and cloud expenses

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“I like that I can run a report letting me know how long a device has not been used so I can disconnect it.”


“They provide outstanding support and are on top of their game. The implementation went as smooth as it could have possibly gone and we couldn’t be happier.”


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mobile device security

Mobile expense management

Organizations are deploying larger and more complex mobile environments to support remote operations, requiring larger MDM strategies to keep pace. From IT to finance to your end users, the mobility challenge only continues to grow. Without the right solutions, managing mobile endpoints is an unnecessary headache. Our data-driven guidance helps you optimize your IT spend, secure your mobile endpoints, and manage the physical lifecycle of devices.

Telecom Expense Management

Telecom expense management

brightfin’s TEM services help your team save time and reduce costs by bringing highly detailed voice and network expense information together with automated solutions for invoice processing, reporting, analytics, chargebacks, and more.

cloud integrations with IT expense management system

Cloud expense management

Gain control of your cloud costs by fully comprehending cloud spend and by allocating the correct spend to departments and company initiatives. With brightfin, you can eliminate the manual work of pouring over cloud bills, processing invoices, and allocating costs with automated processes.

Technology Expense Management FAQs

What is technology expense management (TEM)?

Companies’ tech expenses continue to climb as innovation creates new ways for businesses to transact. Companies are looking to save money but identifying cost-cutting opportunities isn’t as easy as it used to be. In many cases, expense data is siloed across multiple systems based on how or where the transaction occurred (telecom, mobile, cloud, etc.). TEMs automate and optimize IT invoices to help organizations cut costs across their IT infrastructure.

Read more about you can benefit from technology expense management.

Is it telecom or technology expense management?

In the past, TEM was limited by categories like telecom and mobile. But to really see effective change, every bit of IT spending data needs to be accessible from a single platform. This approach allows you to see a holistic view where small costs are adding up and helps identify redundancies or nonessentials in your budget.

How does a TEM cut costs?

In order to mitigate the rising costs of technology, many companies spending in the obvious areas, like cutting back on high-cost initiatives. But in the long run, that can stifle necessary IT investments and doesn’t address the real challenge: invoices. As invoice numbers skyrocket, so too does opportunity to automate and optimize. Technology expense management provides insight into spending, and critically identifies the multitude of issues hidden in monthly payments that add up to make a huge dent in your company’s spending.

Read more about how technology expense management (TEM) outsourcing can help you optimize spending.

brightfin is the only TEM provider that is fully integrated with ServiceNow

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