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The ONLY native ServiceNow application that reduces mobile, telecom, and cloud spend

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Finally, a TEM & Digital Workplace solution that exceeds expectations

We understand the pain of working with lackluster Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Digital Workplace solutions. Systems are cobbled together, people don’t do what they say they will, SLAs are rarely met, and you can’t get answers when you need them. Not with brightfin.

  • One singular platform for mobile, fixed, and cloud expenses
  • Expert advice the moment you need it
  • SLAs achieved
  • Natively built on ServiceNow
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No more painful TEM migrations

The average IT team changes Telecom Expense Management (TEM) providers every 2-3 years. That’s a painful process to go through. The brightfin platform has a 99% retention rate, which means you won’t have to go through another painful switch any time soon. Also, you can start using our platform without paying a dime until your existing TEM contract ends.

IT expense management heroes

Making budget seasons much easier on IT leaders

With brightfin by your side, you’ll always:

  • Be secure that your expense data is accurate and up-to-date
  • Reduce costs across mobile, telecom, and cloud
  • Improve team efficiencies
  • Have the ability to forecast your spend
  • Get help quickly from a team of experts
TEM expert guidance

Expert guidance at your fingertips

Consider us your IT expense management guide. We’re here to make expense management effortless while showing the rest of your company the true value that IT provides.

  • Answers to your questions by our team of mobile, fixed, and cloud experts
  • Easy expense allocation by department, initiative, location, and more.
  • Simple self-service portals your team will love
  • Reliable Services as an extension of your internal team
Self Service portals that make IT teams look like heroes

A self-service experience your team will LOVE

When a team member needs help with their mobile device, we help you deliver an experience they’ll rave about. Simple, easy-to-use self-service portals right inside of the ITSM they’re already accustom to using, which means no extra training is required. New orders, upgrades, plan changes, and more – all with configurable rules according to your policies.

How it works

  1. Get it touch with us for a quick demo.
  2. Choose your deployment model. If you want to natively integrate your expenses with ServiceNow data for easy allocations, great. If you’d prefer a standalone platform, that’s cool too.
  3. Long before your existing TEM contract ends, we’ll load all of your invoice data into our platform so you can get up-to-speed before your current contract expires.
  4. We’ll help you set up your self-service portal according to your team’s policies for ordering, changing plans, delivery, app configuration, and more.
  5. Start rocking and rolling like the IT hero you are.


Our pledge to you

  • We know switching TEM providers is not fun. The good news is that 99% of brightfin customers stick with us year-over-year, so this will very likely be the last move you need to make.
  • We’ll onboard you during your current TEM contract so you can use our platform without having to pay for two systems at once.
  • We’ll go above and beyond to find wasted or misused spend to help you continue to save money year-over-year.
  • We’re here to provide expert advice and guidance any time you need it.
brightfin five star reviews on capterra
“I like that I can run a report letting me know how long a device has not been used so I can disconnect it.”


“They provide outstanding support and are on top of their game. The implementation went as smooth as it could have possibly gone and we couldn’t be happier.”
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Frequently asked questions

What are the most common IT challenges right now?

Organizations have a tough challenge ahead of them as technology continues to grow at unprecedented rates (IoT, mobility, TEM, cloud, 5G, network transformation, etc). This rapid change leads to fragmentation, a lack of standardization, and inefficiencies across the organization. 

The challenge: fragmented, complex, inefficient IT processes
  • Data is distributed across a vast ecosystem of carriers, vendors, subscription services and more
  • Vendor data lacks standardization
  • Data is difficult to turn into insights and actionable information
  • Consolidating expenses and managing costs is extremely manual and time-consuming

brightfin’s IT expense management software solves those problems by optimizing IT spend, making workflows more efficient, and providing full transparency into IT expenses.

Why is it important to manage mobile, telecom, and cloud in one platform?

brightfin’s technology and solutions poise you to lead enterprise technology digitization beyond traditional telecom expense management. Empower yourself with software that brings the benefits of global IT expense transparency and cost control into a single, easy-to-use platform.

  • Automatically process and upload invoices
  • Tech-powered scalability: UEM integration & carrier eBonding
  • Customize digital workflows in the same system where you deliver all of your IT services
  • Comprehensive optimization insights & fully managed services
  • Expense transparency with industry-leading allocation allowing leaders to understand IT spend by department and by key initiatives

How to make IT expense management effortless?

To make IT expense management (also known as technology expense management) effortless, make sure you manage all your mobile, cloud, and telecom expenses in a single platform. You should also digitize workflows to automate manual, complicated, and cross-department processes. By doing this, you’ll gain unparalleled transparency to identify and resolve issues.

Automated workflows

Smart workflows mean your teams can prioritize business-critical tasks to improve efficiency. Automate inventory order management and support through API integrations with your carriers and UEM providers. Leverage existing data and process natively in ServiceNow for efficient onboarding.

What actionable insights does brightfin provide?

Organizations are challenged with growing IT expenses and the challenge of reducing budget year over year. Actionable insights through brightfin’s dashboards provide IT teams with multiple ways of generating ROI through cost savings, efficiencies, and more. Get ready to streamline costs and generating better insights to support your organizational strategies.

We are a strategic business partner, not just a software provider.

Our flexible software, powered by subject matter experts, seamlessly scales with your business.  As a trusted leader in the IT expense management industry, we work collaboratively with your team to tailor solutions to fit your unique needs and challenges.

What does it mean to be natively built on ServiceNow?

IT expenses should be managed in the same system that IT departments deliver all of their IT services and employees request IT services and equipment. All of this takes place in the ITSM (IT Service Management) tool. ServiceNow has quickly become the leading ITSM platform at the heart of fortune 500 companies. Whether you are a ServiceNow customer or not, brightfin can integrate seamlessly with your ITSM.

Being natively built on ServiceNow means brightfin data is stored and processed in your ServiceNow environment allowing for:
  • Fast implementations: data that is already integrated with ServiceNow (HRIS, ERP) is available immediately for use 
  • Unified user experiences: employees gain a standardized, consumer-grade user experience on ServiceNow 
  • Flexibility and control: customers can easily drive additional value with low/no code workflows to make TEM processes work better for their business
  • Streamlined work: digital workflows enable work that requires multiple parties to be handled with speed and ease

Learn more about our native ServiceNow application and see videos about how it works.

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