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Unified visibility of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more

Gartner projects that public cloud will make up 14.2% of the total global enterprise IT spending market in 2024, a 56% increase from 2020. And by 2025, “enterprise IT spending on public cloud computing will overtake spending on traditional IT. Cloud’s growth for enterprises reflects a drastic change in the way that IT services are bought and delivered; however, managing those expenses and assets related to this growth has been a difficult, fragmented process for IT groups so far. 

Many organizations find themselves using multiple providers for a significant number of services. With brightfin, IT groups can now drive cloud governance, find cost savings through optimization, and bring cloud expense management into existing IT management systems. 

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Save cloud costs with brightfin
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Keep costs under control

One of the reasons cloud is so attractive is its scalability and flexibility, allowing administrators to easily handle increased demand without the burden of adding physical servers and other CapEx investments. brightfin allows you to gain cost transparency and compare usage against your contracts, helping to keep costs under control by improving accountability and avoid usage surprises.

Make cloud efficient

brightfin makes it easy to leverage cloud expense management and reduce spend by knowing which resources are inactive or underused. 

Actively reduce cloud costs
Gain control of your cloud costs by fully understanding cloud spend and by holding business units responsible for their expenses.
Make your team more productive
Eliminate the manual work of pouring over cloud bills, processing invoices, and allocating costs with automated processes in your ITSM, like ServiceNow.
Get full cloud transparency
Bring highly detailed cloud expenses, usage, and inventories into your ITSM and enjoy actionable analytics and reporting.
Enable cloud as a service
Manage multiple providers for multiple clients within a single portal in ServiceNow, or another ITSM, with domain separation.
Cloud with hardwires

Cloud’s IT overlap

Many physical services from the fixed telecom area are migrating to the cloud as digital offerings (consider a WAN circuit), creating a need to be able to track those shifts and their impact on budgets. Using brightfin to manage IT cloud expenses allows admins to know the exact date of switch over and what the previous costs were. It also provides the ability to track the new expense, usage, and store the contract data in one place.

Future-proof IT investments

With a unified expense and asset management solution to simplify complex processes like allocation, brightfin prepares organizations for investments where cloud, telecom, and mobile are all deployed in the same project.

Cloud Expense Network

Cloud governance

Cloud has lowered the barrier to entry for access to powerful computing and storage resources that previously were only available to the most well-resourced companies. Additionally, once a company is a customer of a public cloud provider, it’s easy to add new services to an account, but with that comes the potential for spend that falls out of compliance, especially as usage scales up. 

Track, allocate, and audit for accuracy

Using brightfin to manage cloud expenses and assets, while integrating with an ITSM solution, levels up cloud governance by applying (or modifying) your existing business rules when new cloud inventory appears to ensure it’s tracked, allocated, and audited for accuracy.


cloud expense analytics

Cloud analytics 

Improve decision making and gain full transparency into cloud spend as well as inventory with the ability to drill down to specific details. Our cloud monitoring tool empowers your organization to view the analytics that matter most to you.

Consolidate cloud providers

Consolidate your cloud providers

brightfin has out-of-the-box integrations with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, bringing all of your major cloud accounts into one IT expense platform. With all of your accounts in one place, our analytics tools make it easy to compare usage, costs, and charges across vendors and drill down for more detailed granularity to break each down by internal user group. 

cloud integrations with IT expense management system

Robust integrations

AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure

Connect brightfin to your cloud partners to retrieve charges and usage from your account, store the processed data in a single place, and use this data for more effective analyses and optimization of your cloud expenses.


Our Kubernetes integration allows you to receive and manage Kubernetes usage data reports separately from the data reports on AWS usage. Monitor and plan your individual usage of and charges for Kubernetes pods, receive more precise analysis of your expenses, allocate them accurately, and better understand the drivers of cloud costs.

We make it simple to understand your total cloud environment, reduce costs, and streamline processes.

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