Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management

Centralize UEM visibility and security

As mobile environments become more complex (laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, IoT, wearables, etc.), managing a wide variety of devices can be a burden on IT teams creating breakdowns in efficiency across your organization. With the average cost of a data breach nearly $4 million, the need for security solutions is paramount. A unified endpoint management (UEM) solution can assist in securing, deploying, and managing corporate devices to ensure your admins and end users don’t waste time on tedious tasks and you don’t suffer a costly data breach. 

brightfin helps customers integrate UEM asset inventories and actions from leading providers through robust carrier integrations. Gain peace of mind that your mobile endpoints are secure and save time with automated processes.

Enable end-to-end security without manual work or swivel chairing between multiple portals.

Security, compliance, and privacy
Deploy security and compliance policies that fit your environment and combine them with industry-leading strategies to ensure employee privacy is maintained while your data is secure.
Enterprise data management
The average cost of a corporate data breach is $3.9 million! brightfin helps implement data loss prevention (DLP) policies and locks down endpoints to ensure your confidential data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
App and document management
Centralize and securely deliver critical documents and apps to your workforce, meaning none of your users are left in the dark.
Robust integrations
Integrate UEM asset inventories and actions from the leading providers with ServiceNow via APIs.
IT Inventory Management using ServiceNow Assets

Inventory management

By pulling detailed mobile inventories into the brightfin CMDB, you can accurately manage all IT assets from within a single system and automate your device lifecycle workflows.

ServiceNow asset management

Employees gain a standardized, consumer-grade user service experience on ServiceNow. UEM Integrations with ServiceNow:

  • WorkspaceOne
  • MobileIron
  • Blackberry
  • JAMF
  • Intune
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User management

With brightfin’s real-time API integrations and device assignments, your team can automate workflows around employee transitions, eliminating manual work and improving employee experiences. 

phone with UEM user actions on it

Remote UEM actions & incident management

Remote UEM actions, which can be performed by both admins and end users, significantly reduce time spent bouncing between portals. Some of these UEM actions include device wipe, change passcode, locate device, find device, etc. When users submit an asset-related incident, service managers can address the incident within the same system it is submitted, saving your team time and expediting process times.

Unified Endpoint Management UEM User Portal

End user self service 

End users can view information about their assigned devices, use self-service UEM actions, and enroll devices within the same ITSM that they manage the rest of their IT assets.

Simplify unified endpoint management (UEM) and secure your edge while delivering a seamless user experience regardless of whether you’re at the office or working remotely.