Mobile phone lifecycle management

Technology Lifecycle Management

High volume, low friction delivery of IT assets

The lifecycle of mobile devices continues to evolve as organizations identify new mobile use cases and realize the rising cost and high turnover of mobile equipment. In many cases, internal support for these new technologies has been limited. As a result, leading organizations rely on industry expertise from brightfin to enable high volume, low friction delivery of mobile hardware to a variety of mobile roles. 

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brightfin helps you plan, procure, prepare, deploy, and collect to align with the carrier management services that are core to the successful deployment of an enterprise mobility program.

Seamless device build
Our lifecycle management experts build your devices from physical accessory requests to rolling your devices through auto enrollment setup.
Enable security
Ensure that devices are configured with industry standards, security policies, and endpoint lifecycle management.
Reduce costs
Decrease hard and soft costs that come along with getting a device to a user.
Deactivate devices
Easily and remotely remove proprietary data on each device and reset to factory settings.
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The rapid growth of connected devices has changed the way many organizations deliver value and developing a robust device deployment plan is more critical than ever. Work with our team of experts to understand your organization’s unique technology lifecycle management needs and answer key questions, such as:

  • What is the primary goal of enabling this user or group of users with the technology in hand? 
  • What peripheral accessories will this use case require? 
  • What software technologies should be paired with this hardware to enable the employee outcomes we are targeting for this deployment? 
  • What is the expected lifecycle of this unit? 
  • What carriers will be enabled for these units?
  • Are these units being deployed one-to-one or one-to-many?
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Identifying the right procurement source and method to ensure the sustainability of the mobile experience for employees is crucial to technology lifecycle management. brightfin can support procurement from the carrier, third-party distributors, and the resale market to allow for the purchase and preparation of your mobile devices in a timely and efficient manner. 

Self-service mobile phone asset management

brightfin delivers simple, easy-to-use self-service portals right inside of the ITSM they’re already accustomed to using, which means no extra training is required. New orders, upgrades, plan changes, and more – all with configurable rules according to your policies.

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Preparing your mobile units for use can be the difference between gained productivity and lost productivity. Does the process for a user need to be long and painful? No! And there are multiple methods to help reduce the barriers to technology utilization with advanced preparation of these hardware units.

Over-the-air configuration

Tools like Apple Business Manager and Enterprise for Work enable organizations to preconfigure their security and application deployments based on employee profile. For low complexity mobile deployments, those tools offer more efficient ways of enabling the software of a mobile device without multiple touches. By using brightfin, you’ll ensure that your configuration with these tools are in sync with the industry’s best practices for over-the-air deployment and that they align with the outcomes your team and employees expect.

Zero-touch mobile device deployment

When multiple peripheral items need to be brought together, assembled, tested, and then marked ready for use, the preparation of the units prior to reaching their desired user is paramount to the technology’s adoption. brightfin helps preconfigure your employees’ mobile devices to the specifications your organization requires, assembles accessories, downloads and installs software, and validates the capabilities of the unit prior to reaching its intended user.

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Schedule new technology deployments to deliver a seamless user experience from materials to training. This means no lost productivity for your end-users to ensure your new technology is supported without delays. Leverage early adopter feedback to optimize the deployment and improve adoption rates.

Device deployment solutions

Adding complex device rollouts across multiple locations and a wide variety of technologies presents unique challenges for already overloaded IT teams. brightfin provides powerful visibility by location and initiative so you can be confident your technology investments are driving results.

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Hardware asset management doesn’t stop when devices are out in the field. Once deployed, mobile devices have a predetermined life expectancy, whether set by the organization, user group, or use case. With brightfin, you can easily recover devices from the field, validate them for usability, and redeploy devices to help reduce costs. By ensuring no devices go unreturned you’ll avoid potentially crippling security risks and financial repercussions. An IBM report estimates the IP loss of a stolen or lost mobile device is between $3-$4 million dollars per occurrence.

brightfin allows you to:

  • Actively collect devices as they naturally move through their lifecycle
  • Collect devices as part of your HR processes for employee termination and role changes
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“brightfin allows me to manage my mobile device deployments way more efficiently. By automating tedious IT tasks, my team has more time to perform business-critical operations.”  

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