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Ensure telecom inventory accuracy and contract health

Organizations will spend 1.46 trillion U.S. dollars on telecom services in 2022. That spending leads to a huge number of contracts, switches, lines, equipment, and more that needs to be managed. When organizations don’t have a clear understanding of what assets they are paying for and where those assets are located, they often end up overpaying by significant margins.

For IT leaders looking to prove their value to the business, maintaining an accurate picture of telecom inventory and contracts is critical. brightfin’s platform provides organizations with the telecom insight they need to make strategic decisions with their spending.


TEM expert guidance

Top tips for telecom audits

Do you have the visibility you need of your telecom inventory and audits? We see many organizations challenged with identifying services and maintaining healthy contract statuses. Performing regular telecom audits can help:

  • Get full visibility into your telecom-related services and contracts with detailed analytics and reporting down to individual service levels
  • Ensure contracts are up to date and services are billing at the correct rate
  • Detect errors, inconsistencies, and orphaned services

Gain telecom inventory transparency and allocate expenses by department, location, and more

Automatic system audits
Expired contracts can cost thousands. brightfin performs 19 automated checks to provide insight into contract conditions, change management, and IT financial data.
Improved inventory accuracy
Understand what services you have and where those services are located. We see a lot of organizations surprised by how much inventory is unaccounted for, unused, or being billed incorrectly.
Moves, adds, changes, disconnects
Ensure that your MACD ticket data is up to date and you’re not being over-billed or paying for disconnected services.
Deep contract insights
View contract details like minimum spend commitments or volume commitments alongside rate guides.
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Cost savings and network upgrades

We help further reduce costs by identifying legacy technologies that can be replaced with more effective and less expensive alternatives. It’s critical for IT leaders to capture and allocate all IT costs accurately. By understanding your organization’s costs incurred, how these costs are driven, how the costs are “consumed” by IT services (or other entities such as business units), and the value delivered by IT services, you will be better equipped to make strategic upgrades.

Check out our free resources on why you need to be thinking about Network Transformations and how to successfully navigate through them.

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Telecom audit considerations

Telecom audits are a critical piece of Telecom Expense Management (TEM). Our telecom experts review contracts, invoices, and inventories to give you a clear understanding of your telecom environment. Here are a few of the key questions to answer:


  • Are contracts in line with industry standards?
  • Are services billing at the correct contracted rate?
  • Have services reverted to tariff rates?
  • Are there expired contracts?


  • Are there charges for deactivated services?
  • Are there charges for closed locations?
  • Are there equipment bills for lines that have been disconnected?
  • Has the vendor started billing early for services?
  • Do you have redundant services, such as 3 internet circuits going to the same location?
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