mobile devices expense management
Mobile Expense Management

Manage mobile assets, allocate expenses, and optimize spend

With over 75 billion connected devices by 2025 and a rapid trend toward remote work, companies are challenged with managing mobile assets, properly allocating expenses, and optimizing spend. Our platform makes it simple for you to understand your mobile environment and take meaningful actions to save your organization money.

IT expense management by department

Gain visibility and actionable insights across your entire mobile ecosystem to make the right financial choices for your organization

Seamless invoice processing and data loading is the foundation of brightfin’s expense management solution. We eliminate the burden of handling hundreds or thousands of monthly changes in charges and usage. brightfin transforms your mobile expense management with automated workflows using existing corporate rules.

With brightfin, you’ll:

  • reduce spend across your IT infrastructure
  • gain transparency of IT investments and expenses 
  • improve efficiency through digital workflows and automations
Mobile expense management
Automated dashboard to identify unused services, overages, and plan fit problems with actionability to generate savings.
Invoice auditing
Automatically audit invoices with configurable audit rules.
Service portals
Centralized portal to manage mobile assets, expenses, usage, and services across all carriers with unique portals for admins, managers, and users.
Contract management
Input contracts into a single system of record to track associated invoices, audits, disputes, and to make sure you get the most from your mobile providers.
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mobile carrier cost optimization savings

Spend optimization

brightfin provides multiple ways to save money and drive ROI. We’ll help identify unused services, devices, and plans that can be optimized and couple it with dispute management services to help recover funds. Your organization will quickly reduce costs by gaining full transparency and control of your carriers and managed service providers. Next, you’ll be able to expertly allocate mobile expenses to the right place to understand which departments and initiatives are driving IT spend.

brightfin IT expense management platform

Transparency into IT investments and expenses

IT expenses and investments continue to grow as technology develops at such a rapid pace. With brightfin, organizations can easily measure their mobile investments to understand the strategic value and enable decision-making at operational and executive levels.

Unify your mobile environment on one platform with highly detailed mobile expenses, usage, and inventories. brightfin’s platform allows you to understand the combined scope of your IT ecosystem with actionable analytics and reporting for admins, managers, and end users. In the end, your entire organization gains visibility into mobile assets, expenses, and services. 

Construction worker on tablet saving money on carrier expenses

“We were losing track of inventory and paying for tablets we couldn’t find. Ultimately, we were losing time through the day-to-day management of devices. We brought in brightfin and just this year, we saved $300,000 in hard costs. brightfin did an awesome job, and I’m very proud to work with them.”

IT director Construction Industry
spotting trends in mobile expense management

Process efficiency

brightfin empowers you to efficiently manage your carriers, plans, usage, and invoices while continuing to provide exceptional service to your employees.

Identify unused services

Our automated dashboard allows you to identify unused services, overages, and plan fit problems with actionability to generate savings. With brightfin, you’ll be ready for new mobile devices as they become part of standard business operations (wearables, IoT, laptops/PC’s) and plan for increases to voice and data needs.

Spotting trends

Easily spot trends, perform MACDs, and offer self-service to users with automation instead of tying up valuable resources with live help. Automating mundane, repetitive tasks like order fulfillment, invoice processing, and cost optimizations with digital workflows saves time that can be better invested in business-critical tasks.

Mobile Expense Management software built on servicenow

Mobile expense management native in ServiceNow

brightfin is Built on Now. We make it simple to manage your mobile expenses on the platform that’s already at the heart of your business. As the second most downloaded app on ServiceNow, we integrate service providers, UEMs, and managed service partners to enable the holistic management of technology expenses from within ServiceNow. 

We also offer a full-fledged SaaS model for clients that do not utilize ServiceNow.

Managed mobile services

Centralize and simplify the management of your entire mobile ecosystem.
mobile invoice contract management

Invoice and contract management

Invoice processing is transformed from a high-touch headache to a no-touch process with automated reconciliations. Input contracts into a single system of record to track associated invoices, audits, and disputes to make sure you get the most from your mobile providers.

Automated audits

brightfin automatically audits invoices with configurable audit rules. Get the most out of carriers with a holistic portal to create, track, and close disputes with carriers. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that industry-leading subject matter experts are carrying out your audits, backed by years of relevant experience.  

mobile asset management

Asset management

brightfin delivers a centralized portal to manage mobile assets and services across all carriers, geographies, and business units with role-based access for admins, managers, and users. You organization will gain controlled but accessible visibility to the appropriate stakeholders for processes, analytics, and self-service enablement.

mobile device security

Security and compliance management

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) deployments are prevalent with every organization today, requiring the connectivity of multiple systems for security and compliance. 

brightfin enables:

  • event-based or scheduled syncs to capture changes to a specific device
  • partial syncs to capture continuous changes in your inventory for accuracy and to identify new devices that may have been ordered out of process
  • whole inventory syncs to reconcile the entirety of your device inventory
Integrate seamlessly

Seamlessly integrate UEM asset inventories and actions from the leading providers with the brightfin platform. This enables end-to-end asset management to happen within the brightfin platform built on ServiceNow without manual work and swivel-chairing between your ITSM, UEM, and expense management solutions.

Telecom Bill Pay Services

Bill pay

When it comes to paying invoices, brightfin does the heavy lifting by discovering each supplier’s preferred payment method & authentication requirements, adjusting payment type, and routing to meet suppliers where they are. Every payment is dynamically routed and optimized for supplier acceptance, speed, security, and precision.

Our bill pay customers free up more IT resources, avoid late payments, and can generate additional savings with the rebates we pass along.

Managed securely

Protect your data with end-to-end encryption, secure payment routing, enterprise cloud-based security, backup, and redundancy.

Ready to see how we can simplify mobile expense management and provide actionable visibility?