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IT Financial Management

One platform to manage your mobile, telecom, and cloud investments

Gartner predicts that by the end of 2021, worldwide IT spend will be over $4 trillion. As organizations’ IT ecosystems grow larger and more complex, the challenges to understand and lower IT spend while enabling end-user productivity are growing simultaneously. According to Gartner, the top priorities for finance leaders are:

  • Advanced data analytics to understand, interpret and use data to make sound operational decisions.
  • Workflow automation technologies to deliver speed, efficiency and, cost optimization.
  • Enterprise-wide digital investment review and governance to measure, fund, and manage digital business performance.


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Gain financial transparency and allocate expenses by department, strategic initiative, and more.

Business executives
Intelligently allocate IT funds to innovation enablement and strategic deliverables.
CFO, Finance, and IT budget owners
Evaluate spend across the organization by IT expenses and multi-dimensional allocation.
IT and procurement teams
Understand the true value of technology and IT services.
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IT financial transparency 

With the growing complexity of technology, many organizations are challenged with IT Finance Management costs that are scattered in multiple systems. Further, these various systems often measure costs in different ways. brightfin centralizes data through automated processes to provide a complete picture of the total cost and value of IT services. 

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Understand IT costs at a granular level

Create a framework to capture and allocate all IT costs accurately. Understand your organization’s costs incurred, how these costs are driven, how the costs are “consumed” by IT services (or other entities such as business units), and the value delivered by IT services versus the consumed costs. Leverage cost-based trends to monitor performance and make strategic decisions.


Correctly chargeback services

Consolidate all IT costs in a single IT expense management tool. Reduce expenses with more effective chargeback responses and processes to recover revenue, while stopping future losses before they happen. 

IT expense management by department

Allocate expenses by department and strategic initiative

Allocate costs according to what is important to your business across multidimensional attributes such as cost center, project, location, tenant, etc. brightfin makes this easy through dynamic configuration and evolves your enterprise’s mindset to see expenses in a whole new light – making the shift from seeing expenses purely as costs to seeing how IT expenses drive business value.