Bill Pay Services

Accurate, automated payments to avoid late fees and service interruptions


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Bill pay services in 30 seconds

Save 20 minutes per invoice and get full payment transparency

First, the brightfin platform natively stores IT invoice data from mobile, telecom, and cloud providers inside of ServiceNow. When utilizing our bill pay solution, you can ensure all of those invoices are paid accurately and on time. You’ll have full payment transparency along with dashboards to monitor any investigations and disputes.

brightfin IT expense management platform

Custom payment approval workflows based on your organization’s rules

  • Invoices are processed and approved in your ERP
  • Payment file is synced to your ERP
  • You fund the payment accounts
  • brightfin’s bill pay service intelligently routes payments
  • You receive payment confirmations 
telecom chargebacks

No more swivel-chairing or misapplied payments

Stop wasting endless time tracking down payments that have been misapplied or have errors. With brightfin’s bill pay solutions, you’ll eliminate troublesome late fees, service interruptions, and phone resolutions due to late payments. View and pay all of your mobile, fixed, and cloud invoices natively in ServiceNow so you can stop hopping back and forth between different platforms.

Frequently asked questions about automated bill pay

What does an IT bill pay provider do?

Processing vendor payments in a timely and accurate manner can be a struggle, causing organizations to endure service outages and late fees. Bill pay solutions provide end-to-end invoice processing and B2B payment solutions that not only eliminate manual work but ensure quick and accurate payment to all IT providers. The brightfin platform delivers a unique IT bill payment system that mitigates the risk of late fees and service interruptions.

Is automated bill pay secure?

Yes, paying your mobile, telecom, and cloud invoices automatically through brightfin’s bill pay solution is secure. Full security is ensured by maximizing card use and protecting wire payments as well as checks and ACH. Encryption and backups protect your data at all times.

How do IT bill pay solutions know how each vendor wants to be paid?

Every payment is dynamically routed and optimized for supplier acceptance, speed, and precision – every time. The brightfin platform helps identify each supplier’s preferred authentication requirements as well as their ideal payment methods.


What does brightfin's bill pay solution cost?

In most cases, brightfin customers get bill pay at no additional cost.

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