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Hi, I’m Keith.

On this page I’ve compiled some of my favorite resources to help you understand how brightfin can help your IT team:

  • save money
  • improve efficiency
  • gain full visibility into your IT spend

Oh, and if you’re a ServiceNow user, this video is a must-see.

PDF guide about brightfin Built on ServiceNow

brightfin is the only TEM provider that is Built on ServiceNow

There’s a strong desire for companies to leverage their existing ITSM platform to manage TEM and IT Financial capabilities. That’s why brightfin has been natively “Built on Now,” which means we store all of your IT data like invoices, contracts, and usage inside of ServiceNow.

Good news: you can still reap the benefits of brightfin even if you’re not a ServiceNow customer.

Check out this resource that’s all about how to get more out of your ServiceNow investment.

[Video] For ServiceNow users, this video is a must-see

video: brightfin is Built on ServiceNow

[Video] Take a peek at our managed mobility platform

Managed Mobility Services Platform Overview

Commonly asked questions

What is Telecom Expense Management (TEM)?

Sometimes referred to as “Technology Expense Management,” TEM providers help companies save money by identifying opportunities to reduce carrier costs related to their mobile device or fixed telecom spend. brightfin goes beyond traditional TEM and also helps companies save money by improving workflow efficiencies and providing a unified platform to view mobile, fixed line, and cloud spend.

Read more about you can benefit from technology expense management.

What's unique about brightfin?

All TEM providers save you money on carrier costs. That’s table stakes. brightfin takes it even further by helping you:

  • improve your IT workflows to become more efficient
  • view all of your IT spend in one, unified platform
  • allocate IT costs to the right department, location, and even project
  • and much more

We’re even building new features to help with budgeting, forecasting, and stakeholder views! The best part is that it’s all done in a singular platform that is natively integrated with ServiceNow (yet, you don’t need to be a ServiceNow customer to use brightfin).

What additional services does brightfin provide?

We can help with automating just about everything you need for managing mobile and telecom (fixed) inventory including:

  • device ordering
  • repairs
  • staging & kitting
  • delivery
  • bill pay
  • and more

Thanks for your interest in brightfin!

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