Global Law Practice eliminates uncontrolled spending with a single solution to track and manage mobile assets, expenses, and services in ServiceNow, resulting in $500k+ mobile savings per year. 

At this global law practice, managing a mobile estate comprised of over 6,000 mobile devices spread across every continent in the world became too complex to manage successfully. Their existing solution was not suited for such a large organization, making tracking and managing these devices untenable on a day-to-day and strategic basis. High usage and roaming management posed significant problems with a workforce that frequently traveled and used their mobile devices constantly.

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Download the full case study see all the results and benefits this Global Law Practice gained from centralizing mobile management on ServiceNow.

  • Full mobile asset lifecycle managed from a single location

  • Automated optimizations to dramatically reduce unused lines, plans, and services with very little effort

  • Real-time monitoring of employee data usage where requests are processed through ServiceNow workflows and follow the company’s approval process

  • Self-service portals in ServiceNow, drastically improving end-user experience
  • Portals for c-suite, admins, and managers to have complete visibility of mobile carriers, assets, expenses, and more