Unveiling Brightfin 23.10: Transforming Your Telecom and Mobile Management Experience in ServiceNow

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecom and mobile asset management and operational efficiency, Brightfin proudly introduces its latest release, 23.10. As IT leaders and ServiceNow owners, you play a pivotal role in steering your organizations toward seamless workflows and comprehensive financial controls. With Brightfin’s 23.10, we bring forth a myriad of innovative features crafted to redefine how businesses handle expenses, streamline operations, and enhance financial oversight.

Journey Into Precision

Detailed Expense Analysis: Imagine having the power to separate the Net Amount and Taxes for each invoice, providing unparalleled clarity for organizations managing these amounts independently. With Brightfin’s 23.10, the Technology portal’s Invoice view can now be configured for a focused Net Cost View. This empowers you to assess and monitor variances based on the Net Amount, with taxes excluded, streamlining your financial processes and ensuring compliance.

Why this matters: This feature separates financial tracking into net amounts and taxes, offering a nuanced approach to accounting and compliance.

Import Payment Feedback: Efficiency is paramount in financial operations. Brightfin expands ERP Payment integration options, allowing the import of Payment feedback from various ERP systems via SFTP. This flexible solution permits users to import custom payment feedback files, providing a tailored and adaptable solution to meet your unique needs.

Why this matters: Seamless integration of payment details enhances the efficiency of your financial operations, ensuring adaptability to your unique requirements.

Security and User Rights: Security is non-negotiable. Brightfin introduces the ‘Provider Manager Read-only’ Role, offering users read-only access to view information on the Technology portal and ServiceNow. This role prioritizes security while providing comprehensive insights across various modules, safeguarding data integrity.

Why this matters: Security meets broad information access, ensuring data integrity while expanding role functionalities for better management.

Insightful Audit Processes

Invoice Variance Reporting: In the intricate landscape of financial management, having a detailed breakdown of invoice variances is crucial. Brightfin introduces the Invoice Variance Details report, providing insights into factors contributing to variances in each invoice. This includes newly added services, heightened or reduced charges, canceled services, and account-level variances.

Why this matters: This report offers in-depth insights into charge variations, facilitating better budget management and providing a granular view of service-level financial changes.

Audit Rules Enhancements: Your audit processes just got smarter. Brightfin introduces enhancements to Audit Rules, including threshold-based rules and expanded bulk handling capabilities for Audit Tasks. This streamlines the audit process, focusing on significant charge variances and reducing noise.

Why this matters: Threshold-based rules and bulk handling enhance efficiency, providing targeted notifications and streamlining the audit process.

Telecom Fulfillment Task Communication Module: Communication is key, especially in managing Fulfillment Tasks for fixed requests. Brightfin leverages ServiceNow’s watermarking tool to enable external communication with providers via email. This is crucial for both request completion and maintaining all communication within the system.

Why this matters: Consolidating communication channels improves tracking and completion of fixed service requests, providing a cohesive user experience.

brightfin mobile fixed and cloud analytics

Revolutionizing Fixed Telecom Operations

Procurement with Advanced Telecom Project Management: Standardizing workflows for Telecom MACD operations is a game-changer. Brightfin introduces a unified experience across all fixed service request types, streamlining processes for adding, disconnecting, upgrading, or moving fixed services.

Why this matters: Standardized workflows enhance user experience and system performance while simplifying relocation and bulk disconnection processes.

Mass Disconnect Services: Time is money, especially when dealing with disconnect orders. Brightfin enhances the Disconnect fixed service feature, allowing users to submit requests for up to 50 services simultaneously. This significantly improves inventory management for Fixed MACD operations.

Why this matters: Efficiency is maximized, saving time, improving productivity, and contributing to better inventory management.

Inventory and Billing Report: In the realm of fixed inventory and charges, knowledge is power. Brightfin introduces a powerful feature enabling the creation of an advanced report, consolidating data for in-depth audits and analyses.

Why this matters: This comprehensive tool offers a detailed six-month usage trend and account-level charges, empowering informed decision-making and optimization.

Evolving Mobile Management

Automated Onboarding and Offboarding Workflows: Enterprises are dynamic, and so should be your mobile management. Brightfin enhances workplace productivity with automated onboarding and offboarding workflows. Whether it’s providing quick access to corporate resources for new users or automating secure offboarding, this feature streamlines your workforce management.

Why this matters: Efficiency is enhanced, ensuring quick access for new users and secure offboarding processes.

Multi-SIM to Device Management: Connectivity options just got more flexible. Brightfin now supports both eSIM and physical SIM cards for European carriers, enabling the ordering of multiple SIM cards for devices connected to multiple lines.

Why this matters: This expansion in mobile device management capabilities provides flexibility in ordering and managing different SIM card types for a single device.

Enhanced E-bonding Product Support: Personalization is key in device and service plan orders. Brightfin enhances configurability and options for multiple carrier integrations, including Telus Canada, AT&T, and Verizon.

Why this matters: Customizable contract pricing options and enhanced configurations provide tailored procurement choices.

Enhanced Device Lifecycle Management: Refinement is the essence of efficient device management. Brightfin introduces ‘device staging’ and ‘device kitting status’ elements, offering more granular control for efficient tracking and a streamlined approach.

Why this matters: Precision in tracking enhances fulfillment processes, providing a more organized approach to device management.

Multi-Vendor Order Enablement: Streamlining procurement is a strategic move. Brightfin enables the convenience of ordering devices and accessories from both carriers and preferred accessory distribution partners within a single request.

Why this matters: Efficiency is maximized by consolidating ordering steps and providing a single request point for all procurement needs.

Embrace the Brightfin Advantage

The integration of detailed expense analysis, insightful audit processes, and revolutionary features in fixed telecom and mobile management solidify Brightfin as an industry leader. This release is designed to enhance your financial management, streamline operations, and fortify controls, ultimately providing better outcomes for your organization.

As IT leaders and ServiceNow owners, your journey with Brightfin 23.10 is not just an upgrade—it’s a leap forward into a future where efficiency, precision, and flexibility converge seamlessly. Let Brightfin be your guide in redefining how you manage mobile and telecom assets within ServiceNow.

Ready to explore the transformative capabilities of Brightfin 23.10? Let’s chat! If you have questions or wish to delve deeper into the possibilities, our team is eager to connect with you.