Company Overview

VITAS Healthcare is the leading provider of hospice care in the United States. They operate 47 programs in more than 14 states and employ over 12,000 people. VITAS is a subsidiary of publicly traded Chemed Corporation.

brightfin case study VITAS company overview

Mobile Management Difficulties 

Like many companies, VITAS’ mobility program was a combination of carrier portals, a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, an ERP system, and Excel spreadsheets. Making simple changes for users was slow and cumbersome. Having so many users and manual systems, simple tasks like allocating expenses to cost centers and asset inventory reports were cumbersome and took days to complete.

Beyond these issues of slow and manual work, VITAS faced three main issues in their mobility program.

brightfin case study VITAS mobility challenges

When they were confronted with the monumental task of rolling out over 8,000 new mobile devices, Narash Samlal, the AVP of IT support at VITAS, knew something had to change. “We really felt like there was a better way. It was such a manual process. There was such an opportunity to automate and integrate.”


As mentioned, integration was key to finding the right solution for VITAS. “We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to integrate seamlessly with our MDM and carrier portals,” says Samlal. “That was right out of the box for brightfin.”

Once the brightfin application was installed on VITAS’ ServiceNow instance, it was ready to go within a matter of days. This gave VITAS access to carrier portals, MDM solutions, ERP systems, and invoice data all centralized in ServiceNow. “We had to get things right,” says Samlal. “brightfin was front and center in that period when we made the conversion from our old process, the manual way of doing things, to moving to where we are today.”

In just two months with brightfin, VITAS went from rolling out their first device to achieving their goal of deploying 8,000 new mobile devices to their employees. “We were able to execute and go to market extremely quick with the brightfin and ServiceNow solutions coming together to really drive it.”

“brightfin was front and center in that period where we made that conversion from our old process, the manual way of doing things, to moving where we are today.”

Huge Time Savings

Once VITAS had their systems aggregated on ServiceNow, they could stop “swivelchairing” between multiple systems with every tool now accessible from one portal. “brightfin helps us keep our hands out of our MDM solution for day-to-day tasks, out of our carrier portal on a daily basis for depot services and consolidate that into ServiceNow,” says Samlal. “This allows us to drive our mobility program and have it function effectively and productively. Having that level of simplicity and ease of use was definitely a huge win for us.”

They now have automated processes for ordering and enrolling new devices, making carrier changes, executing MDM actions (MACD), and user self-service support. Expenses are automatically allocated to corresponding cost centers. By automating previously manual work, VITAS has been able to worry less about mobility management and direct their focus on other vital functions of their business needing improvement, one of which was their on-boarding process. On-boarding at VITAS used to take a total of 23 hours and was reduced to just one hour after implementing brightfin.

“The time realized from 23 hours to one hour in training means we can have nurses trained and delivering care on their first day instead of two weeks into the job,” says Samlal. “What matters most to VITAS is empowering our patient-care staff to really focus on their patients. Shortening the training time was able to help us do that.”

“On-boarding at VITAS used to take a total of 23 hours and was reduced to just one hour after implementing brightfin.”

Enhanced Visibility

It is now quicker and easier than ever for VITAS to view pertinent information regarding their carrier invoices on a granular level. They can now see usage broken out by the entire organization, cost center, and individual users. The enhanced visibility allows them to gain additional insight into plans, features, lines, users, pools and charges. “brightfin gave us visibility beyond what we thought we needed,” says Samlal. “It puts us in a position to answer almost any question from our leadership about our mobility program. It has really put us in a good place.”

IT Inventory Management using ServiceNow Assets

Not only was brightfin able to help VITAS improve operational processes, but with enhanced visibility, it opened a new door for VITAS to cut carrier costs. “With increased transparency, we were able to more accurately fit plans to actual usage,” says Samlal. “We realized 25% in carrier-cost reductions as a direct result of the data we now have available.”

Making Mobility a Cornerstone

Mobility at VITAS is now a cornerstone of their business. A revamped mobility program that moved from simply tracking devices, to using mobility strategically has added value in many other parts of the business including enhanced patient and employee experience. Making mobility a cornerstone has changed the way VITAS runs its company.

“brightfin allowed our organization to move away from spending time on things that don’t add value,” says Samlal. “It has been a treat for us to get out of the business of chasing down devices and focus on true value, the experience. When we start adding value like that, it’s really a game-changer.”

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