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brightfin case study VITAS company overview

VITAS Healthcare, a leading hospice care provider, realized the need to transform their mobility program. Their system, a patchwork of carrier portals, an MDM solution, an ERP system, and Excel, was causing more harm than good.

Main Challenges:

  • Inefficient device lifecycle management
  • High turnover rate, common in healthcare
  • Uncontrolled expense management
  • Cumbersome onboarding process

After identifying VITAS’ key challenges, brightfin implemented a mobile-focused solution. We streamlined their mobile management processes into a single platform within their ServiceNow environment, made possible by eBonding for real-time data exchange.

We connect with multiple UEMs (Unified Endpoint Management), offering consolidated control over all mobile devices. We also introduced automation, reducing tasks like device enrollment and carrier changes to a minimum.

VITAS partnered with brightfin and initiated a significant transformation. In just two months, they rolled out 8,000 new mobile devices to employees, eliminating previous complexities

Key Outcomes:

  • Onboarding time for new hires drastically cut from 23 hours to just one hour.
  • Nurses began delivering care from day one, a huge leap from the previous two-week wait.

When they were confronted with the monumental task of rolling out over 8,000 new mobile devices, Narash Samlal, the AVP of IT support at VITAS, knew something had to change. “We really felt like there was a better way. It was such a manual process. There was such an opportunity to automate and integrate.”


Download the full case study