Becoming a public powerhouse in the renewables

Toggle magazine recently featured Brian Newgent from Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives, Inc. (IEA). Brian is Senior Vice President of Information Technology at IEA, a long-time brightfin client. In the article, Brian talks about the history of IEA and its meteoric rise from a construction company to a public powerhouse in the renewables. When recalling the morning of IEA going public, Brian states:

“I went to bed knowing we were a $700-million-dollar company. I woke up that next morning and we were well on our way to becoming a $1.75-billion-dollar company, just like that.”

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Key partners enabling growth

Later, when discussing some key partners that helped IEA grow, Brian calls out brightfin saying, “Meanwhile, working with brightfin helped IEA save more than $490,000 on mobile devices in less than two years.”

brightfin’s CEO Ed Roshitsh went on to say, “We’re all about helping IT teams get recognized as the heroes they are. The money we saved them enabled IEA to reinvest those dollars into strategies to help the company grow.”

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IEA Toggle Magazine with Brian Newgent