Take control of your mobile spend

Mobile expense management is a way to reduce costs, improve end-user experience and take control of your mobile spend. With a robust mobile expense management solution in place, IT leaders can:

  • Reduce costs by automating manual processes that are prone to human error and fraud.
  • Improve end-user experience by providing them with tools that simplify the expenses process so they can focus on what matters most – their job.
  • Take control of their organization’s budget by gaining visibility into all spending across devices and business units so they can make informed decisions about where to allocate resources for improved efficiencies.

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Becoming a public powerhouse in the renewables

Toggle magazine recently featured Brian Newgent from Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives, Inc. (IEA). Brian is Senior Vice President of Information Technology at IEA, a long-time brightfin client. In the article, Brian talks about the history of IEA and its meteoric rise from a construction company to a public powerhouse in the renewables. When recalling the morning of IEA going public, Brian states:

“I went to bed knowing we were a $700-million-dollar company. I woke up that next morning and we were well on our way to becoming a $1.75-billion-dollar company, just like that.”

IEA Toggle Magazine with Brian Newgent

Key partners enabling growth

Later, when discussing some key partners that helped IEA grow, Brian calls out brightfin saying, “Meanwhile, working with brightfin helped IEA save more than $490,000 on mobile devices in less than two years.”

brightfin’s CEO Ed Roshitsh went on to say, “We’re all about helping IT teams get recognized as the heroes they are. The money we saved them enabled IEA to reinvest those dollars into strategies to help the company grow.”

Telecom Expense Management is a great way to reduce costs and improve end-user experience

  • Reduce spending on mobile devices: With the proper tools, you can reduce the amount of money spent on the purchase and maintenance of these devices. This is because you can manage them remotely instead of having someone go out into the field to do it manually.
  • Reduce IT support costs: Another benefit is that you’ll have fewer people requesting help from your IT department because they won’t need it as much anymore!
  • Manage your mobile devices more effectively: The most obvious benefit comes from being able to understand and manage your fleet of devices. IT leaders can rest easy knowing who has what device and where.