Mobile expense management encompasses an array of communications tools. One of those is wireless data connectivity. Mobile data continues to be critical to employees getting their jobs done. Determining how much data to buy each month is a time-consuming and laborious process based on previous months of billing and usage data. How do you hit a moving target each month to buy just the data you need without going over?

The unlimited data question

Many telecom expense managers opt for the easy route – just put everyone on an unlimited plan: problem solved. There are two challenges with this approach. First, most mobile users use under 2 GB of data each month. Unlimited plans are price-optimal for users with more than 5 GB monthly data usage. Second, is the throttling problem. Devices with monthly usage above 20 GB can be restricted to 2G speeds depending on time-of-day and the carrier. Throttling caveats are found at the bottom of unlimited plan descriptions with the rest of the asterisks. This restriction could cripple a business deal, or shut down a remote site where users rely on a mobile hotspot or router as their primary means of internet connection.

Managing data pools

brightfin’s approach to managing data pools looks at historical trends for each line of service. Then the optimal plan is selected for the device and the pool as a whole buying just enough data to avoid overages. Analysts are able to quickly determine which users should be placed on unlimited plans while avoiding throttling. Also, data pooling optimization considers price differences between lines in and out of contract. Our optimization services specifically addresses the needs of the highest and lowest users in your pools without impacting business productivity.

Unbilled usage considerations

MDM companies like brightin check unbilled usage as the end of the carrier bill cycle approaches. Using tools like the unbilled usage calculator, analysts are able to check real-time usage against previous projections and make updates to plans to avoid costly overages.


Telecom expense managers need reliable repeatable methods for controlling pooling costs to avoid the Price is Right guessing game. Check out how brightfin handles these tasks for companies in the Fortune 100 list or a small local business. Mobile data pooling optimization doesn’t have to be a mystery.