brightfin is excited to announce new features in our upcoming version 22.10 release!

  • Workflow improvements to provide flexibility and improve the admin and end-user experience
  • The industry’s only out-of-the-box fixed/telecom workflow experience on ServiceNow
  • Out-of-the-box and fully integrated Bill Pay solution
  • Integration with Google Workspace and its UEM solution

(If you are a brightfin customer and interested in upgrading, please reach out to your account team for more information.)


Bill Pay

brightfin’s Bill Pay solution is a fully integrated, out-of-the-box feature that can be used to easily extend and enhance invoice payment possibilities. Bill Pay is often still a very manual process and many organizations suffer from late payments to telecom carriers. This new functionality gives you end-to-end invoice processing and payment solutions that not only eliminate manual work but ensure quick and accurate payment to all IT providers right inside the brightfin platform. The Bill Pay workflow is flexible to the needs of your company creating an overall enhanced invoice management process.

  • Multi-tier payment approval process by different roles
  • A large variety of payment methods to choose from
  • Payment flexibility
  • Timely payment notifications
  • Dashboards that consolidate bill pay payments and rebates into a single view

brightfin Bill Pay How it Works

Notification Framework

Notification framework enhancements allow administrators to adjust default email notifications as well as create custom notifications for business needs and objectives. Quickly and easily change the content, default senders, receivers, and more to make sure your end-users are always in the loop.

Red Flag (Invoices)

This new feature ensures crystal clear communication between the brightfin team and invoice stakeholders. Users on either side can “flag” specific billing accounts or invoices with special notes or comments all inside the brightfin platform to make sure it’s treated appropriately. For example, brightfin may add a red flag to let the invoice approver know the invoice is awaiting considerable credits or a funds transfer, holding a final bill, etc.


New Workflows

In 22.10 we’ve added a great amount of flexibility to mobile workflow use cases to drastically improve the experience of both admins and end-users.

Mobile admins now have an exceptional amount of tools at their disposal. For ordering a new device or upgrading a device, 22.10 provides flexibility to fulfill orders from the stockroom, from the carrier, or even use a buddy upgrade (using another user’s upgrade when one is not immediately available). For new services, admins now have the flexibility to reassign or reactivate a suspended line. Ultimately, there are lots of tools and lots of ways brightfin can help manage and optimize your mobile fleet.

Mass Line Optimization

Organizations continue to pay for devices that aren’t being used (zero-usage). This can happen for numerous reasons such as a device still assigned to an employee who left the company, or an employee simply not using their device. Mass line optimization gives you the control, flexibility, and automation you need to manage zero-usage devices by exception and save you money!

  • Set rules to define zero-usage devices in your organization
  • Set the schedule/cadence for finding zero usage devices
  • Set rules to define how to handle zero usage devices (auto suspend/disconnect the line or have it controlled manually by a telecom manager)
  • Set notifications for the device owner and telecom manager
  • Filter for VIP employees and return zero-usage devices to the stockroom

UEM Enhancements

brightfin now provides integration with Google Workspace and its UEM solution. This extends our Unified Endpoint Management synchronization capabilities, allowing your organization to sync both corporate-owned devices and employees’ devices and applications on them between your Google Workspace account and your brightfin instance, maintaining security and unifying your asset management within your ServiceNow instance. You will be able to deploy, secure, and manage the devices directly from brightfin, without switching between the two environments.


Telecom Project Management

The days of painful manual work and disconnected processes to procure fixed/telecom services are a thing of the past. brightfin has created the industry’s only out-of-the-box fixed/telecom workflow experience on ServiceNow. Telecom request management and telecom project management workflows tie it all together allowing you to manage everything that it takes to order new fixed services and install them at the physical location: from negotiating service quotes with different providers to having all cables connected at your office. One project, one platform!