brightfin, previously MobiChord, is excited to announce version 21.01  is now available on the ServiceNow Store.

  • Allocation improvements completely change the conversation from cost to value. CIO’s will view expense data in a brand-new light.
  • Kubernetes Usage-Based Allocations for cloud expense management.
  • Stockroom Manager dashboard removes the manual pain from inventory management with simple transparency, restocking level recommendations, and is action-driven.
  • Multi-UEM Integration can easily synchronize multiple MDM/UEM systems to accurately manage assets within ServiceNow.

 If you are a brightfin customer and interested in upgrading, please reach out to your account team for more information.


Allocation (360 View)

With brightfin’s allocation improvements, you can allocate costs according to what is important to your business. In accounting terms, it is a multidimensional allocation. For example, allocate by cost center, project, location, tenant, etc. brightfin makes this easy through dynamic configuration and evolves your enterprise’s mindset to see expenses in a whole new light – making the shift from seeing expenses purely as costs to seeing how IT expenses drive business value.

Document Portal

brightfin’s new Documentation Portal gives a fresh, consolidated location to explore all help documentation. Here, you can learn more about a feature, find a how-to guide, quick searches, and much more.


Stockroom Dashboard

brightfin powers you to extend the lifecycle of your enterprise’s mobile devices. The Stockroom Dashboard actively monitors the status changes and location changes of your mobile assets giving inventory managers detailed analysis of devices.

  • What has come into stock?
  • What is available?
  • What is pending?
  • What is lost or stolen?

Restock Helper revolutionizes all the guesswork from processes that were manual. How healthy your inventory is and where do you need to take immediate action? Visibility is unprecedented and will help your organization manage its mobile inventory effectively and efficiently.

Multi-UEM Support

With Multi-UEM Support, customers can integrate up to five Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) providers into a single brightfin instance. brightfin enables your organization to synchronize all endpoint assets into ServiceNow to manage and get a real-time, accurate view of what system is managing what. If migrating, the system automatically migrates support for self-service and service desk support actions from the legacy system, simplifying employee support and inventory management as you transition UEM platforms. brightfin synchronizes the inventory data from all UEMs into a single environment for simplified management.


Google Cloud Support

Customers can track and manage expenses for customers using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services. Enterprises get instant access to usage, charge, and services information for comprehensive expense management. brightfin’s integration with GCP is quick, simple, and safe.


As IT Departments continue to invest in cloud solutions, brightfin helps enterprises solve the immense challenges of understanding and allocating cloud costs across the organization. Kubernetes usage-based allocations retrieve usage information, links cloud costs with usage data, and enable you to clearly and accurately allocate those costs.


Quote Management

Quote Management gives your enterprise the ability to compare pricing quickly and effortlessly when looking to install new services. Customers can create separate requests for service quotes and send them to different providers via email. This then allows for the comparison of prices and options from different providers as well as the ability to choose the best solution. Quote management ensures your enterprise makes the right financial choice and automates the process, saving you critical time and resources with robust TEM services.

Disconnect Order Management

brightfin enables your enterprise to request disconnects for Fixed Services. Enterprises can select an immediate disconnection or postpone it until the end of the billing cycle. Notifications are also available to keep requesters informed throughout the process to ensure an accurate and timely resolution to the request.