1. Mobility Management Built on ServiceNow

What does it mean to build mobility management on ServiceNow? It means you can harness the power and versatility of the leading IT service management platform to manage mobility. Companies trust ServiceNow to manage their other IT assets, expenses and so naturally the same strategies can be applied to mobility. Mobility management is far trickier than traditional telecom expense management because it is constantly changing. Service management is change management and nobody does change management better than ServiceNow.

2. Mobility Single System of Record

ServiceNow does an amazing job of combining multiple consoles into a single system of record. This is highly beneficial because it allows brightfin to aggregated information from wireless carriers as well as information from EMM solutions into ServiceNow where they can talk with other integrations like ERP, HR and marketing systems. This creates one seamless system where everything can work together and records can be kept. Since brightfin is a scoped app, it can be installed without interfering with existing systems.

3. Complete Mobile Transparency

One of the biggest pain point we hear from customers and prospects alike is that there is a huge lack of mobile transparency. Organizations don’t know which employees have which devices and why wireless expenses are always rising. Cost-center managers have no visibility into the wireless bills they pay for. When we do an initial wireless invoice analysis, it’s common to find hundreds of lines that are being paid for but not in use.

brightfin’s goal is to provide complete mobility transparency for our customers. We accomplish this by importing wireless carrier information and EMM information and aggregating them in ServiceNow. Our highly-customized portal allows users to visualize usage information down to a single user with meaningful charts and graphs. There are also a number of predetermined KPI tabs that assist in managing mobile expenses such as lines, carriers, users and plans. The imported EMM information helps ensure the accuracy of the device inventory and the users they are assigned to. With brightfin you know exactly who has what devices, their wireless consumption, their upgrade status and the cost center they correspond to.

4. Elimination of Manual Work

Manual work has traditionally been synonymous with mobility management. Mobile analysts spend their days swivel chairing between wireless carrier portals, excel spread sheets, EMM systems, ITSM systems and ERP systems. Every change made in the lifecycle of the user must be done manually. By combining these systems we eliminate the swivel chairing and save you time. In addition, we can set up custom workflows to automate processes like onboarding new employees, mobile expense management, change management and device retirement. Our average customer spends 50 percent less time managing mobility when using our software.

5. Stop maintaining Carrier Portals

For some reason our customers never have a good thing to say about wireless carrier portals. They tend to find them to be complex, difficult to navigate and constantly changing. It’s extremely difficult to make the smallest of changes and wireless bills are nearly impossible to understand. With brightfin, manually maintaining carrier portals becomes a thing of the past. Not only does brightfin aggregate all the carrier information, but we also make it actionable. This means any change that can be made from a carrier portal, can make directly from the brightfin portal in ServiceNow. The main difference is that we make it extremely easy to use. We take pride in allowing customers to visualize usage, analyze problems and quickly make changes.

6. Real-time Usage Management

What would you say if I told you roaming and usage overages could become a thing of the past? Real-time usage management means processes can be automated based on usage alerts. When a user starts roaming, an automated process automatically adds a roaming package to that user. At the end of the month, that roaming package will automatically be removed. brightfin can create custom processes for any usage-based event. Overages will become a thing of the past!

7. Stop Wasteful Spending

Hopefully, by now you have noticed how many brightfin benefits lead to reduced carrier costs. The overlying goal of brightfin is to help companies understand usage so well they can choose plans that fit perfectly with usage. This doesn’t only mean you don’t pay for costly overages, but that you aren’t underutilizing plans. Why pay for more than what you use? This also means not paying for lines and features that aren’t in use. On average, brightfin customers reduce wireless expenses by 25 percent.

Ready to see how brightfin can support your mobile expense management and more?