Many IT organizations today are struggling to support an increasing number of private and corporate-owned mobile devices. AirWatch’s Enterprise Mobility Management solves the technical aspects – like configuring or securing devices – but day-to-day support and operations often remain an organizational challenge. Without proper planning and processes, mobile support resolution times increase, often requiring the use of high-cost, skilled engineers.

This is where AirWatch joins forces with brightfin, the leading mobile expense management platform in the ServiceNow ecosystem. brightfin’s certified ServiceNow integration allows AirWatch customers to integrate MDM into their corporate IT service and asset management processes to deliver better mobile support at a lower cost. The scalable technology is used with enterprises and MSPs with anywhere from several hundred to more than 50,000 devices and multiple AirWatch instances.

Single System of Record for IT

Decisions you make are only as good as the data they are based upon. That’s why maintaining high quality CMDB, asset and user management data is critical. Mobile devices open an entirely new class of data that needs to be maintained in the system; devices and users, mobile applications and profiles, SIM cards and phone lines all have to be linked, properly maintained and guided through different lifecycle phases.

With brightfin’s scalable product, data from AirWatch and other sources (like wireless carriers) is consolidated and actively maintained in ServiceNow to ensure high quality data for decision-making.

Onboarding & Off-boarding

Whether we are talking about BYOD or corporate-owned devices, companies need to establish an onboarding process. There are several approaches: self-service, mass enrollment by IT support, device staging, etc. For corporate devices, it’s important to track asset lifecycle transitions and maintain a catalog of available models, stock, orders and entitlements. Add multi-level approval logic, ability to tailor processes to your specific needs, progress tracking and keeping tabs on everything, and it gets complicated fast.

brightfin provides a set of best practice, ready-to-use workflows that cover all the mentioned processes, seamlessly integrating them with AirWatch. In a BYOD scenario, users can simply request to enroll a device in the ServiceNow Self-Service Portal. After the manager’s approval, the device is enrolled in AirWatch. brightfin automatically handles user account synchronization, device registration, data synchronization and tracking in ServiceNow. In fact, this process can be seamlessly integrated into a “New Employee” onboarding workflow.

Day-to-day Support

Devices get stolen, broken, upgraded, lost or misplaced; passcodes get forgotten, and access to mobile apps is needed. Products like ServiceNow are designed to streamline these tasks with Incident and Change Management. However, while these products provide great endpoint support for computers, mobile device support remains mostly untouched.

brightfin and AirWatch extend ServiceNow’s capabilities to provide first-class support for mobile devices. It is fully integrated with Incident Management and allows IT to reset passcodes, locate, wipe, un-enroll devices, install mobile apps, etc. The Self-Service Portal integration lets mobile users perform actions such as enrolling a device or requesting a mobile app without requiring external help.

Wireless Expenses

Wireless expenses (including roaming, active phone lines for former employees and unused devices) are often overlooked, yet they can constitute up to 50 percent of the annual costs of mobile devices. Wireless carriers aren’t much help; they often use complicated billing structures that are hard to analyze.

So how are you supposed to obtain actionable data? brightfin creates more transparency by integrating telecom plans, features and expenses into ServiceNow, consolidating this data with information provided by AirWatch. Dashboards showing savings potential and automated alerts allow IT to react proactively to environment changes. For example, when AirWatch detects that a device switches to roaming, brightfin’s business rules generate a task for a telecom manager to review the wireless plan or disable roaming on the device.

Key Benefits of the AirWatch ServiceNow Integration by brightfin

As the above use case examples demonstrate, the AirWatch ServiceNow Integration by brightfin simplifies support and operations along the entire mobile asset life cycle. Self-service capabilities allow mobile users to easily resolve their support cases, while first and second level support teams can leverage ServiceNow and rely on high-quality data. Mobile expense management and asset management allow IT to stay in control of telecom costs and eliminate tedious and unreliable “spreadsheet management” practices.