The Challenge

This oil and gas company is the national leader in fuel handling systems and energy infrastructure solutions to fit all fuel management needs. Their mobility operations challenges began with managing 500 devices with AT&T and Verizon with a plan to add 300 tablet devices for Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance. With an IT team of two and their mobile environment nearly doubling in size, they lacked the resources to manage the project while also optimizing their mobile environment. Additionally, the carrier portals limited the functionality needed to effectively manage their devices. They utilized a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution to manage device security, however, they did not have the ability to automatically push out their new, internally developed application to the tablets in their ELD compliance roll-out. The oil and gas company was looking for a way to streamline and optimize their mobility management.

The Solution

To help manage their entire mobile environment, they partnered with brightfin, a leader in full life-cycle Managed Mobility Services, to proactively optimize all aspects of mobility. Leveraging a unified Mobile Expense Management portal, this oil and gas company has a single pane of glass to easily view and manage their accounts and devices instead of spending time in multiple carrier portals. The real-time reporting allows them visibility of device usage, expenses, billing history, and inventory. 

Additionally, this relationship enabled the customer to streamline the deployment and decommissioning of devices by using the full life-cycle management capabilities of:

  • Staging and kitting new devices
  • Dispositioning devices for buyback
  • Redeploying recovered devices
  • Recycling of old devices

Through UEM integration capabilities of brightfin, the oil and gas company can remotely deliver their internal application over the air to tablets in their trucks. This gives additional peace of mind that devices and data are secure from loss or theft.

The Outcome

brightfin drives savings for the oil and gas company, reducing their spend-per-line by 17% with  a total cost savings of over $17,000 in less than six months. The company has simplified their mobility management, are empowered to make in-cycle decisions that positively impact their bottom line, including visibility into 151 zero-use lines and high data users through implementing data threshold notifications. Additionally, by streamlining their deployment process with UEM and Staging and Kitting services, they have successfully deployed over 300 devices. 

The oil and gas company gained an ROI of 158% by utilizing brightfin for device buyback and negotiations with carriers. In one instance, brightfin was able to negotiate with a carrier for erroneously billed devices, service, and equipment totaling $97,000. 

With support from the brightfin service desk, the oil and gas company offloads many of the day to day tactical items, freeing up their IT team’s time for strategic initiatives. brightfin is now their mobility advocate, ensuring that the company continues to receive value in the future. 

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