Many of our customers are in the midst of transitioning their in-office employees to work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of deploying a work-from-home workforce as part of your disaster recovery plan which will save your organization time and money!

Remember – brightfin is here to help any organization to quickly and efficiently develop a plan for optimizing capacity for any workforce mix of in-office or remote employees.

DO Stay calm. Changes to your wireless mobility usage will certainly occur, but it won’t be overnight. Large pooled plans easily accommodate spikes in usage. We recommend buying the lowest-priced plan possible up-front, and back-dating any data plan increases after you check your unbilled usage to see if you’re trending over. Backdating from large to smaller plans is not allowed. Over buying up-front could cost you a ton of money. Do you need help with mobile expense management? Our unified solution provides visibility and actionable insights.
DON’T Rush to change mobility plans to unlimited data. These plans incur throttling (reduction of speed to 2G or 3G rates) after a certain amount of data is used which could hamper business operations. Also, these plans are unnecessarily expensive as you pay for the option of using a lot of data whether it’s used or not. Remember, some of your new work from home employees already have home internet! The unlimited data route certainly seems like an easy way to get what you want, but the caveats and costs will cause more headache downstream than you’ve counted on.
DO establish a mobile solutions program to keep your mobile users updated on policies, procedures for replacing broken devices, and how to report instances of data throttling.
DON’T Forget that brightfin has excellent tools for helping you allocate and manage fixed asset costs. Many companies are electing to have hard-wired solutions implemented for home-bound workers rather than adjust mobility expenses. Generally cap-less, and ultra-reliable, these options can be an affordable way to keep your employees online long-term during difficult times. brightfin expertly manages landline costs for a variety of customer situations. We’re experts in managing costs for services required for remote operation!
DO Check with your carriers regarding voice and data overage credits. AT&T and Verizon have posted information about their intention to keep consumers and small-businesses online during the pandemic. You’ll want to check with your carrier representative to determine what options you have in keeping your costs down while adding work-from-home employees.