Chances are pretty good you’re either reading this on a mobile device, or you’ve got one within hand’s reach. The world has shifted to mobile. It might surprise you to learn that mobile and tablet traffic has overtaken desktop traffic, according to Statcounter.  

And in the post-pandemic world, businesses and schools are adapting to the new challenges of a surge of remote end users. 

In fact, mobile data will skyrocket 700% by 2021. And with 5G on the waythere are no signs of this mobility revolution slowing down. If your organization is looking to manage the influx of data and remote users, you need the right tools and technology. 

Here’s the top three tips to help you manage your organization’s mobile data usage: 

1 – Embrace working remotely. 

According to a recent Gartner survey, about 74% of companies plan to permanently shift at least 5% of their previously on-site workforce to working remotely — even when the economy opens up again. Working remotely will become the new normal sooner and on a larger scale than many previously thought. Google and Facebook have already announced they’re allowing many employees to continue working remotely through the end of the year. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that Twitter employees can work from home indefinitely. 

But with the right MDM tools and technology, remote work doesn’t have to mean a drop in productivity. 

2 – Enforce consistent internet use policies. 

Develop thorough internet use policies that clearly outline your organization’s acceptable usage. Then train to ensure your end users know what websites and applications are allowed. Train and retrain. 

Or, look for mobile solutions that enable your IT team to remotely control and manage data usage, website availability, and application downloads. 

3 – Leverage technology to gain visibility and reporting on your end user’s actual data usage. 

With all this data out there, it’s surprising how hard it is to get a clear picture of what’s actually being used. Reporting differs by carriers and it can be a hassle to get the information you need. And if you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of devices, the headache only grows. 

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