Telecommunications budgets are increasing in today’s technologically sophisticated world. This is due to the heavy reliance on instant communication, the number of devices in use, as well as an increase in telecommunications volume. Companies that want to save money and headaches with their telecommunications needs are turning to a telecommunications expense management system (TEM). Most companies who make this switch to an automated management system are quickly surprised by the amount of time and money that they save.

A Telecom Expense Management system does many things for companies. These include collecting usage data from the company’s devices, analyzing the data, and creating reports. Based on experiences we’ve had with our clients, here are a few tips to make your implementation successful.

Plan ahead

One major mistake that organizations make in their implementation of a TEM system is to jump in without planning for it. If this is a company’s first experience with TEM, they need to plan for the change. If they already have these procedures in place from a former solution, they need to adjust them to fit the new system that they are transitioning to.

One thing to keep in mind here is that people generally dislike change, so your workforce may give you some pushback as they have to adjust to new procedures and policies. You can mitigate this resistance through information. Make sure that all employees know what to expect and that they receive proper training to interface with the new system. The more people know, the better they will adapt to the changes. Ensure that your managers are modeling good attitudes toward the new system.

Without careful planning and involving all departments in the process, chaos can ensue. With good planning, however, the transition can be very smooth.

Set Realistic Expectations

If your employees think that this new system can be established in a day, they’re going to be very frustrated when they see that it is a longer process. Prepare employees by letting them know a realistic timetable for implementing the system. Remember that the system must be configured and tested and that it requires time to discover the network. Processes will change, with some requiring less time than with the prior system and some taking more time. If people understand that this is a process that takes time but will eventually streamline your whole organization for the better then they’ll be less likely to complain about the road bumps.

Train Your Workforce Properly

Network management is heavily dependent on best practices. Your staff needs to understand how to interface with the new system and to leverage its capabilities. It’s tempting to cut corners and think that you’ll learn the system as you go along, but this can backfire. You could waste time trying to understand it and miss out on some of its best capabilities. Review all operational materials associated with the system and ensure that your staff does the same—whether through reading the materials or attending organized training. Knowledge is power.

At brightfin, we can help you implement your Telecom Expense Management system through the ServiceNow platform. We can help you manage all aspects of mobility, cloud, network, and IoT and boost your bottom line significantly in the process. Brightfin can assist you with a smooth and painless implementation process while giving you a system that you’ll wonder what you ever did without.