Mobile device management (MDM) technology has overhauled the status quo for most businesses. Gone are the days of employees working from company-owned hardware from their cubicles between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Employees are now working on their own devices from home or other remote locations, and many of these devices are wireless.

There are many perks to this setup. Offices can save on the real estate and hardware that they once had to provide for employees. Employees can enjoy greater flexibility and be more productive when they don’t have to bother with commute times or even putting on their pants in some cases. In addition, roving employees, such as managers who are going back and forth between different facilities, are free to work on the road.

For all of the perks of this mobile revolution, though, there are some challenges. Chiefly, how do you manage all of these mobile devices, wireless networks, and other mobile computing services and all of the people, processes, and technology that they entail? The answer lies in enterprise mobility management. EMM can make this complicated and multi-faceted task and streamline it into simple processes that can be managed simply and accurately through support software.

So how do you choose the best EMM solution? As you sift through the different solution providers, consider the following factors:


Consider your budget first. Then think about different EMM options, accounting for upfront, subscription (if applicable), and maintenance costs. A program may sound dazzling today with all of the bells and whistles you could ever want, but can you sustain its costs into the future?

Platform Support

What you don’t want is support that assists you through the purchase phase, then leaves you high and dry. Find out the particulars of the solution’s customer support program. How will you be able to access help? And how long do the support options last? Are there costs associated with ongoing support?


One-size-fits-all programs may be a step in the right direction, but they won’t ultimately help you achieve maximum efficiency if you can’t tailor them to your exact needs. What processes are currently provided? Can they be tweaked? Can new features be added to fit your evolving needs?


Can the program be adapted to your current company size, however big or small? And will it grow or shrink with you as you add or subtract employees, users, apps, devices, etc.?

With thorough research and smart decision-making, you can pick the right enterprise mobility management solution to increase your efficiency and cost savings.

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