The impact of mobility on the way we do business today is well documented. There’s an ever-increasing demand for tablets, smartphones, and laptops in the corporate environment. The reality is that wireless devices have become an indispensable tool for organizations.

But despite the benefits of going wireless, the use of these devices can also undermine a company’s profitability when left unmanaged. For example, wireless costs can get out of hand. If your carrier plans aren’t configured to your company’s needs, you’ll incur a hefty wireless bill.

That’s where Mobile Expense Management software comes in.

A reliable mobile expense management solution will help you save on the use of wireless devices as well as anticipate whether the associated savings can cover service charges. Because most organizations don’t have the necessary resources to monitor the usage and costs of hundreds of devices, deploying a mobile expense management solution can lead to significant savings.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how a mobile expense management solution can help an organization save money.

Reduces Overage Charges

Rate plan optimization features help users analyze each personnel’s usage in a month and ensure that everyone is using the best package. Real-time notifications can also be set up to be triggered when usage levels exceed the threshold, and mobile plan upgrades can be automated to map staff members to optimal wireless plans. While usage-based rates can sometimes get complicated, managing them efficiently enables corporations to reduce overage charges.

Deactivates Idle Devices

When a worker joins another company or gets laid off, it’s vital to ensure that his/her devices are disconnected from the corporate network. Also, the services and data plans that belonged to that employee should be reallocated. Mobile expense management includes frequent wireless audits, which can help you identify and remove zero usage lines. Audits may also help you spot unused device line products that can be auctioned, recycled, or demolished as appropriate.

Promotes a Culture of Cost Transparency

Keeping tabs on wireless spend is one of the biggest challenges for companies. The good news is that a mobile expense management solution can help users clarify expenses by showcasing everything that is being spent in a concise manner. Additionally, sharing costs with staff members will allow them to self-analyze better and make responsible use of corporate plans. They’ll be more careful with their mobile data usage as all of the details will be in front of the higher-ups in intuitive dashboards. This can help to promote a culture of “cost transparency” across the board, which should help optimize costs in the long run.

Reduces Administrative Costs Via Self-Service

Allowing personnel to manage or change their service plans, carriers, and devices without management oversight help reduce administrative expenses and improve productivity. It also frees up the IT by providing workers with the tools they need for remediation, data checking, registration, and other wireless troubleshooting and management capabilities. Modern mobile expense management solutions also offer detailed insight into corporate wireless spend along with device usage cost-saving choices.

Helps with Provisioning and Dispute Management

Leading mobile expense management solutions also support the approval, activation, requisition, and in-office delivery of wireless devices. Carriers’ provisioning helps organizations to conform to the standards defined for user-profiles and contracts. The provisioning and ordering process can also be stretched to end-users through web-specific portals. When this happens, your organization will have an opportunity to self-serve its implementation policy. Dispute management is also possible with comprehensive information about each wireless asset and user. With the right information, companies can enhance the process of carrier-related dispute reporting, helping with the recovery of credits.

To conclude, mobile expense management can help you take appropriate measures so you can gain control over your wireless spend, reinvest savings into other channels, optimize enterprise mobility, and avoid becoming overwhelmed by carrier bills. In fact, it can provide you with clear-cut visibility over all of the enterprise networks to help you function at maximum capacity.

Certain areas of your wireless device usage will be best managed with a mobile expense management solution, chiefly your billing problems, cost transparency, zero-usage, and device disposal, and carrier rate plans, all while ensuring that your inventory is at an accurate level.