Telecom Management Challenges

Telecom at a large, multinational organization presents many deep-rooted problems due to complexity. In this global manufacturer’s case, the largest issues came from managing mobile and fixed telecom providers in more than 33 countries with diverse languages, currencies and cultures. Tracking and managing changes across such a large organization became unmanageable with its existing solutions. As a result, telecom expenses were skyrocketing and service quality was lacking.

Failure of Existing Solutions

Even by contracting with a Technology Expense Management (TEM) solution, this global manufacturer was not capable of gaining control of its mobile and fixed telecom assets, expenses, and services. The key point of failure was the lack of a true enterprise platform that could overcome where their technology solutions failed to properly integrate with provider portals, device management solutions, HR platforms, and ERP systems. What would have been solved by workflows and automation instead required manual reconciliation and consolidation of information. This led the client to negative outcomes including inconsistent data and additional manual work that increased complexity. 

A few of the vital services which could not be performed without significant manual work were:

  • Keeping devices and user information current 
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • Currency conversions
  • Operation in multiple languages
  • MACD processes
  • Analytics
  • Inventory management

As any ServiceNow customer knows, manual work is the enemy of productivity. With their existing solutions failing to provide the necessary technology and process improvements, this global manufacturer’s telecom managers were forced to fill the gap with manual work. At one point they had more than 47 people managing mobility alone! Those are 47 people that could have been driving innovation and digitalization efforts that would benefit the entire company. 

The Solution | Centralize Telecom Management on ServiceNow

While this global manufacturer was in the process of purchasing ServiceNow, they were simultaneously performing an RFP for Technology Expense Management. Their decision to purchase ServiceNow drove them to look for a TEM solution with deep integration to the Now platform that would empower them to standardize and streamline global processes and gain control of assets, expenses, usage, and services. They soon discovered brightfin, and found it to be the only telecom management solution built natively on the ServiceNow platform.

Generate Transparency

With brightfin, all of this global manufacturer’s mobile and fixed telecom assets could be consolidated on the ServiceNow CMDB by seamlessly integrating information from mobile carriers and mobile device management solutions. Now, all their technology services would be run through the same ITSM platform they had chosen for the rest of IT. Invoices and contracts would be brought into the environment to produce actionable insights, giving them full transparency and control of mobile expenses and usage.

“After searching, they came across brightfin, and found it to be the only technology management solution built natively on the ServiceNow platform

Automate Manual Work

ServiceNow allows this global manufacturer to structure and automate manual work with workflows. Previous labor-intensive work like invoice processing, cost allocations, expense optimization, auditing and roaming management have now become completely automated. This shifted the workload of their employees to focus on vital, strategic work instead of low value and repetitive tasks.

IT Inventory Management using ServiceNow Assets

Empower End-Users

Partnering with brightfin enabled this global manufacturer to utilize ServiceNow’s self-service portal to empower end-users to make requests in their native language and currency. Once requests were approved by a manager, brightfin would fulfill orders with their telecom providers quickly and accurately. With brightfin, their existing, manual steps and approval processes were translated into highly efficient workflows with built-in automations using ServiceNow’s strengths. 

Partnering with ServiceNow and brightfin has completely transformed the way this company manages mobile and fixed telecom. In addition to the results above, they now experience increased employee satisfaction attributed to faster deployment of mobile services, a dramatic reduction in help-desk tickets and complete transparency into telecom costs.

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