The Challenge

This healthcare company operates skilled nursing, rehab, assisted living, and developmentally disabled facilities; and provides in-home services across multiple states. They had mobile device management (MDM) challenges in multiple areas:

Their administrators needed strategies and solutions to ensure their devices were protected against data breaches, however, they lacked the proactive tools and real-time business intelligence to balance security and device management. The healthcare company was looking for a way to bring their entire mobile environment in line, and to partner with a company that could collaborate with their teams to produce powerful results.

The Solution

To address these challenges, they partnered with brightfin, a leader in full life-cycle mobile expense management. brightfin provided the healthcare company an easier way to support devices, working with their internal help desk to deliver quicker, more efficient end-user support. They did this by designing a customized staging & kitting process more quickly than internally-developed processes. This reduced the time required to implement that process on all new devices, while ensuring device management and security features are active on all devices. They have peace of mind that end users are able to use their mobile devices without delay. 

The healthcare company’s administrators partnered brightfin to proactively optimize all aspects of their mobility. They identified crucial savings through no-usage reporting and redeploy. Additionally, this relationship allows them to identify additional areas for optimization. The biggest benefit was to streamline deployment of devices, by using full Life-Cycle Management from staging and kitting devices, including enrolling devices into an MDM solution, to dispositioning for redeploy, buyback, or decommission.

The Outcome

brightfin empowered the healthcare company’s internal team and help desk to focus on business-critical tasks without having to worry about end-user support and security of mobile devices. Their administrators have access to an intuitive portal, enabling them to easily view and manage all of their accounts and devices. The real-time reporting allows them visibility into device usage, expenses, contracts, billing history, and inventory. This increased visibility led to $20,000 in savings on approximately 200 devices. This helped to simplify their mobile expense management, empowering them to make in-cycle decisions that positively impact their bottom line. The relationship they have developed ensures that they will continue to offer value as the healthcare company benefits from our suite of services.