Many businesses are moving data to the cloud to make their information more accessible to employees. Managed Service Providers, also known as MSPs, work to strengthen their clients’ backup data tactics. Many MSPs are turning to cloud-to-cloud backup systems as a solution to help eliminate the potential for data to be lost. brightfin can support your cloud monitoring tool needs.

A cloud-to-cloud backup system is a safety net for businesses. It duplicates the data from the first cloud platform, then uploads and keeps the duplicate on the second cloud program. This innovation allows for the system to recover the information in the last good state it was in. It’s easy to make mistakes on cloud-based systems, so having a backup copy allows employees to recover documents that may get corrupted or deleted in the first system.

While these systems provide necessary protections for companies, it’s challenging to pick which system will be right for your business. The following are things you should keep in mind when selecting a cloud-to-cloud service for your business:

  • Determine application coverage — You may be allowing your clients to use various cloud applications to input information. If that’s the case, you will want to find a service that offers the possibility of using multiple platforms.
  • Investigate functionality — Before you decide to purchase a system, you should test its backup functionality with some of your data. See how it performs with everything from error notifications to encryption. If there are data or encryption errors, you may want to look at a different service. Do not sign up until you are 100% satisfied.
  • Check the backup storage durability — When picking a service, safety is your biggest priority. You want to make sure that you select a business that will safeguard your company’s information. Look at the company’s track record when it comes to losing files, and determine if it is acceptable to you.
  • See how the system restores lost files — Chances of data loss are much lower if you pick a platform that offers a “restore in place” option. This generally indicates that a system is efficient.

As you search for a cloud-to-cloud backup platform, make sure that you invest time and effort in determining if the services meet your needs. Nothing is more important than keeping your company’s information safe, so you shouldn’t compromise with your choice. We’d love to chat about cloud cost management and how we can help!