As an IT leader, you understand the intricacies of managing mobile devices in the enterprise. It’s a complex task that requires a robust mobility management solution to ensure that devices remain secure, compliant, and up-to-date with the latest software and applications. That’s where extending the power of ServiceNow comes in.

Integrating mobile device lifecycle management into your ServiceNow platform offers significant advantages for your organization. By centralizing all mobile device information and activities, including inventory, provisioning, and retirement, you can eliminate silos and streamline processes, resulting in valuable time and cost savings.

Centralization is a key aspect of effective technology expense management.

When mobile device lifecycle management is integrated into ServiceNow, all information related to mobile devices is consolidated into a single platform. This means that IT teams can access and manage device information, such as device models, serial numbers, and user assignments, from one unified interface. By having a centralized repository of mobile device data, you can eliminate the need to navigate multiple systems and databases, reducing the chances of errors and duplications.

With centralization, you gain a holistic view of your mobile device landscape. This visibility allows you to make informed decisions regarding inventory, provisioning, and retirement. For example, knowing the exact number and status of devices in the inventory can help you avoid over-purchasing or under-utilization, thus optimizing your device procurement process.

Provisioning and decommissioning devices is a critical aspect of mobility management.

By integrating mobile device lifecycle management into ServiceNow, you can automate these processes, reducing manual effort and the likelihood of errors. With predefined workflows and automated provisioning, you can ensure that devices are provisioned accurately and efficiently, minimizing downtime for end-users. As employees join or leave the organization, their device provisioning and deprovisioning can be seamlessly managed within the ServiceNow platform, saving time and reducing administrative burdens.

Retiring and disposing of old devices in an efficient and secure manner is essential for data protection and compliance. By centralizing mobile device lifecycle management within ServiceNow, you can implement standardized retirement processes and track device decommissioning. This enables you to ensure that sensitive data is properly wiped and that devices are securely disposed of or repurposed.

By streamlining processes through centralization and automation, you can significantly reduce the time and effort required to manage mobile devices. This allows your IT teams to focus on higher-value initiatives and strategic projects that drive business growth.

Furthermore, centralized mobile device management facilitates accurate reporting and analytics. With access to comprehensive data and insights, you can track device usage, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize your technology spend.


But the benefits extend beyond the IT department. With mobility management integrated into ServiceNow, you can empower your employees with self-service capabilities, enabling them to manage their devices and request support directly from the platform. This not only improves user experience but also reduces the volume of support tickets and frees up IT resources for more strategic initiatives.

Moreover, by leveraging ServiceNow’s automation capabilities, you can ensure that compliance policies and security measures are automatically applied to mobile devices, reducing the risk of data breaches and enhancing overall security posture.

In summary, extending the power of ServiceNow with mobility management is a sophisticated solution to a complex problem. By centralizing and automating mobile device lifecycle management, you can reduce costs, improve user experience, and enhance security. Contact Brightfin today to learn more about how our services can help you achieve these benefits and bring your mobility management to the next level.

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