• Microsoft Azure integration, giving us integration into all of the “big 3” public cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure)
  • Location and quote management enhancements help optimize your fixed/telecom locations, inventories, and provider quotes.
  • Bringing best-in-breed mobility solutions from MobiChord, Mobile Solutions, and Visage into the brightfin platform.

(If you are a brightfin customer and interested in upgrading, please reach out to your account team for more information.)


It’s predicted that 90% of enterprises will leverage multi-cloud infrastructure by 2022. The harsh reality is that a multi-cloud environment is a huge pain to manage. Here are a few brightfin enhancements to our Cloud solution to make your life a little easier!

  • Azure Integration – Azure is becoming of the fastest-growing public/private cloud providers within enterprise organizations. brightfin’s integration with Microsoft Azure is API based, quick, simple, and safe. Track and manage Azure charges in the same place you manage and track other cloud providers with access to all information (including usage and charges) for Azure products and services.  Analyze and allocate the expenses by different criteria all within the brightfin platform.

cloud provider logos

  • Cloud Service Groupings – Within the brightfin platform, group, compare, and view “like” services across the “big 3” public cloud providers – Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.


As the pandemic forced many offices and locations to close, one of the largest areas for growth and change has been telecom/fixed. brightfin continues to add enhancements to address these challenges.

  • Location Management – Our telecom experts have seen millions of dollars get incorrectly invoiced for closed locations. With control and the ability to optimize telecom/fixed inventory based on location, we ensure that you are able to catch these types, and other types of unwanted and wasteful scenarios before they happen!

fixed telecom extend location servicenow screenshot

  • Quote Management Improvements – Telecom Administrators responsible for generating quotes on new services understand the painful amount of manual work it takes, often resulting in getting nowhere! New quote management enhancements were made to systematically streamline the user experience, with the ability to generate, receive, select, and process a new request for service without leaving the brightfin platform.

brightfin quote management


With the formation of brightfin, our goal is to bring the best-in-breed solutions from MobiChord, Mobile Solutions, and Visage onto the brightfin platform. Here are just a few of the many mobile enhancements our team has worked hard to bring to brightfin customers.

  • Unbilled Usage Data (Verizon) – Optimize your mobile spend and stay within budget by controlling spend spikes before they occur! brightfin can processes daily mobile usage data from the carrier. This enables teams and users to monitor and receive notifications of usage trends to take proactive action before the end of the billing cycle!

21.2 release mobile analytics

  • Autosuspend/Autodisconnect Actions – Many have sought a better solution to deal with lines whose contracts have not expired and are not being utilized. The difficult balancing act of identifying costs of services vs the costs of early termination is made easy with auto-suspend and auto-disconnect features. This includes a simplified automated calculation of the disconnect or suspend period to prevent unexpected costs of early termination fees for unused services. Look out for more improvements on this later this year!
  • Workflow Improvements & Notifications – Costs of early upgrades, disconnects, and other scenarios where underutilized or early changes to hardware can cost an arm and a leg. brightfin’s new provider functionalities give administrators tools within the platform to eliminate the manual tasks needed to apply, track, and accommodate the changes needed to drive down these high costs.
  • eSIM support – The brightfin platform now supports eSIM! Manufacturers and carriers have been migrating the SIM capabilities to electronic SIM’s (eSIM), embedded by the manufacturer and usable by multiple carriers on the same device.  For administrators and users, this means the need to replace a physical SIM card when changing carriers is a thing of the past. eSIM also helps reduce roaming costs, as a local provider when traveling abroad and a home country provider can be activated on the same device.