Mobile expense management has never been so effortless

Evolving technologies and shifting market conditions are opening the door to numerous opportunities to improve old processes, adopt new solutions, and develop strategic initiatives to capitalize on the latest innovations. A global pandemic has upended outdated systems and modes of operation. The ensuing explosion of remote work has increased the utilization of BYOD and pressure to accelerate 5G adoption. The November 2020 Ericsson Mobility Report forecasts that 5G will account for 40% of all mobile subscriptions by 2026.

Organizations previously slow to adapt to these new realities are suddenly under pressure to roll out comprehensive strategies for managing emerging technologies and devices – as well as their ballooning costs. But these challenges have come hand in hand with unprecedented new options for growth and transformation. Now is the time to take action on maximizing technology investments. And with a sturdy expense management system in place, it has never been easier.

The automation of manual processes is no longer optional for those seeking to cut costs, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition – it’s an absolute necessity. The evolution of technology has finally made centralized, automated expense management a reality. IT resources and mobile endpoints can now be optimized with a robust and innovative expense management platform like never before. And alongside comes unprecedented visibility and control.

There are numerous benefits to modern mobile expense management:

Saved time and increased productivity

Disjointed systems and manual processing are a breeding ground for costly mistakes and time-wasting inefficiencies. The resulting redundancies, data inaccuracies, and operational delays are not only a giant hassle to detangle but also make it nearly impossible to accurately gauge current fiscal performance and strategically plan the best path forward.

A well-designed mobile expense management platform is a one-stop-shop for managing all of your carriers, devices, plans, usage, and invoices. It consolidates formerly disparate systems and processes into a single cohesive ecosystem. With full functional integration of accounting and banking operations, transactions can be performed efficiently, redundancies can be eliminated, and data tracking, reporting, and reconciliation can be streamlined as never before.

The automation of mobile expense management tasks allows time to be shifted from tedious manual data entry to value-generating critical business operations. Complex device environments can be deployed quickly, and new devices can be ordered with ease. Near real-time integration with carriers allows for lightning-fast processing times, and bulk ticketing capability across carriers significantly increases the speed of all orders, upgrades, cancelations, and suspensions. A user-friendly interface minimizes confusion, and a highly responsive help desk team quickly resolves any issues that crop up.

Reduction in and increased control of costs

As IoT expands to encompass an ever-increasing array of new devices, remote workers exponentially accelerate the employment of BYOD, and 5G technology bursts onto the scene. Mobile costs can quickly balloon out of control. There has never been a more critical time to budget and plan effectively or a more vital need for the tools and systems to support modern business processes.

Consolidation of mobile expense management systems and processes into a single, cross-functional platform not only saves time but reduces costs as well. Increased efficiency and productivity mean that fewer personnel resources are required to keep the boats running. Additionally, a guaranteed cost structure ensures that mobile expense management stays a predictable, consistent expense in your budget, allowing for accurate strategic fiscal planning.

Intuitive, easy-to-use software heads off problems before they even arise, while fast, reliable help desk support quickly resolves those that do. Efficient issue resolution, coupled with the streamlined management of MACDs, allows your in-house IT team to stop wasting time troubleshooting and shift their focus to revenue-generating projects.

Dramatically improved visibility and control of data

The wide array of mobile costs incurred by today’s typical organization are unduly cumbersome to monitor and approve without a well-designed, comprehensive expense management solution. Manual and disjointed tracking systems lend themselves all too easily to thorny problems like the failure to catch fraudulent expense reports and the inability to track indirect spending. This lack of transparency can have a devastating effect on the bottom line.

In contrast, a centralized, automated expense management platform provides the oversight needed to successfully track and control expenditures, minimizing incidences of both fraud and unnecessary overspending. A comprehensive system makes it easy to ensure that all transactions workflow smoothly through the correct approval channels. Custom alerts can also be set up to flag high data users and quickly curb excessive usage.

The application of analytics via a comprehensive portal dramatically increases visibility and control. KPIs can be set up to display your full mobile environment at a glance. Automated reporting makes in-cycle optimizations a reality. Never before has it been so easy to view, monitor, and analyze your entire mobile ecosystem.

Implementing robust mobile solutions can drive powerful savings and ensure a seamless end-user experience. Let’s talk!