How will your organization stay safe – and productive – as the pandemic forces a transition to mobile workers? 

According to Forbes, “A few months ago, 2020 was predicted to be the “year of remote work.” But even the most optimistic telecommuting advocates never anticipated the launch of the world’s largest work-from-home experiment before the end of the first quarter.” 

Almost overnight, desks and conference rooms have transitioned to dining tables and couches. As businesses around the world are adapting to a mobile-first mindset, it is critical to secure mobile endpoints while enabling productivity for end users.  

How will this affect you? 

One of the biggest risks with the sudden increase of remote workers, is that companies may not have proper security policies in place because they relied on the security of their physical space and network before COVID-19. In the coming weeks: 

  • There will be a large increase in users accessing corporate data from their personal devices, leaving that data at risk of theft or loss. 
  • End users will be accessing data from unsecured networks. 
  • End users may have applications on their personal devices that expose sensitive information. 
  • End users may be taking corporate-owned devices home with them.
  • There will be a lack of control over the types of devices accessing corporate data.  

How can you solve for this?  

  • Installing Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions allows your enterprise mobility tools to verify user devices when they try to access company data.  
  • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions allow for blacklisting of applications and websites.  
  • Enforce VPN access. Without it, employees will have no access to corporate data.   
  • Create barriers to entry with authentication measures such as passcodes or biometrics.   
  • Ensure endpoint security measures are installed on corporate owned devices.  
  • Create an approved device list for BYO Devices.  

How we can help. 

For many, Unified Endpoint Management/Mobile Device Management (UEM/MDM) can be challenging and having an expert in-house is not always possible. We’re here to help. Regardless of your vendor, our team of experts will perform a free, thorough health check of your environment so you know the strengths and weaknesses of your mobile endpoints.