Communications lifecycle management involves a full spectrum of processes from the procurement stage to payment. At brightfin we can help you access the best cloud-based platform for streamlining your organization’s operations and improve efficiency with ServiceNow integration. With the right communications lifecycle management, you can eliminate errors in different stages of your business processes and achieve more effective service delivery. This will, in turn, improve your bottom line.

All the processes in your usual communications cycle will be executed carefully, quickly, and with top accuracy. Here are just a few of the divisions within your organization that will benefit from our cloud-based solutions:

Procurement Department: The procurement department in your organization is tasked with acquiring different services and products within specific parameters. In communications this usually involves managing contracts, finding new providers via RFIs and RFPs and monitoring regular procurement of devices and services with quarterly reviews. Procurement’s job becomes a lot easier when all communications are managed on the ServiceNow platform with brightfin. Providers can easily be compared and benchmarked, contracts are all in a single system and procurement is all done with a single portal for all communication providers. Seamless integrations between ServiceNow and ERP or accounting systems makes ordering and payment processes seamless.

IT Department: The IT department generally handles the day-to-day management of communications with the telecom department being an extension of the IT department. By centralizing telecom on Servicenow, IT and telecom admins can manage communications services and MACD tasks all from the ServceNow platform. Many of the daily, time-consuming tasks are automated through integrations with carriers and intuitive self-service through the ServiceNow self-service portal.

Accounts Payable (AP): The final process in the lifecycle involves payment for the products or services acquired by the IT or procurement departments. The data surrounding these acquisitions can be kept secure for future audits. Our software allows the finance department to capture all aspects of the services delivered for accurate record keeping. It also facilitates the payment process and the allocation of expenses.

Our cloud-based solutions are competitively priced and can help your organization run more smoothly than ever. At brightfin we use ServiceNow to connect you to cloud providers that can automate the operation of your company’s TEM processes. Contact us today for the best cloud-based solutions for your firm.