Cloud expense management is no longer optional for companies. As we deal with more data and the need to access it remotely, those that refuse to keep up with the times will begin trailing behind competitors who have embraced the cloud. This is why Amazon Web Services are so critical today.

The Mother of All Web Services

Amazon Web Services connect you with virtual cluster computers on the cloud while providing the feel and features of a real computer. AWS is the biggest and most stable provider of its kind, connecting you to boundless computing power and storage. The service is highly scalable and can be used by corporate kingpins down to fledgling start-up companies. It can handle different loads at different price points, making it an incredibly affordable and easy cloud service to use. Simply put, you can’t beat AWS when it comes to flexibility, scalability, reliability, and efficiency.

Why You Need an AWS Manager

If all of this makes you want to run headlong into the world of AWS, note that the system does have some limitations. Its native tools and apps are impressive but a lot to manage. And the front-end control panel is less intuitive than you might think. For this reason, many companies have to hire tech professionals with AWS certifications to help them operate on the platform. An AWS certification is a level of Amazon Web Services cloud expertise that an IT professional obtains after passing one or more certifying exams.

Rather than managing their AWS services in-house, however, many companies find it most beneficial to outsource operations to AWS management services. These services live and breathe AWS, know tricks and tips that many organizations miss out on, stay up on the latest updates, and know how to best cater these web services to an organization’s specific needs.

An AWS manager can help you:

  • Allocate your AWS expenses to the appropriate source
  • Monitor your used and unused licenses
  • Curate expenses
  • Show users native app licenses and requests for change
  • Store user information and licenses in one central location
  • Provide analytics that will guide future decisions
  • Track employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Monitor security and compliance
  • Manage vendors

If you want to unleash the full benefits of AWS without all of the headaches, a Cloud Expense Management solution may be the perfect solution for you.