Company Overview

Carlisle Construction Materials is an international supplier of construction materials.  They employ over 2,400 people globally and operate 26 plants in North America, as well as 5 in Europe.

The Challenge

Carlisle’s mobile management needs grew organically as the organization expanded through mergers and acquisitions. With only one person in procurement managing all of their mobile devices manually through email, spreadsheets, and carrier portals, the situation quickly became overwhelming.

“Our lag times were huge and our customer service was way down”, said Dawn McClure, IT Manager of Global Service Delivery. “We uncovered about $250k per year being wasted on terminated employees with active lines and other nonessential spend.”

Carlisle understood why enterprise mobility is important so they made the choice to transition mobile management to IT. Dawn and her team were charged to take on this task with no additional headcount or budget and an expectation to dramatically improve their user experiences and reduce costs. The scope of work included: 

  • 50-100 manual MACD changes monthly on carrier portals
  • Support for 2,000+ smartphones and data devices across multiple operating companies
  • Matching devices and services to users and cost centers
  • Assist accounting with auditing, allocating, and processing of carrier invoices
  • Adjusting plans and features based on user demand.

The Solution

When faced with gaps between what ServiceNow offered and their requirements, Dawn started looking for partners that understood why enterprise mobility is important and could deliver the needed new functionality: 

  1. Invoice Management – They would need to be able to pull in detailed invoices information, audit the invoices, reconcile data, create AP files, and optimize costs
  2. Automate Carrier Processes – Since the workload to handle all of the additional requests would overload their team, they needed to find a way to automate carrier fulfillment for ordering devices and MACDs.

As the only mobile expense management provider with technology built natively on the ServiceNow platform, brightfin was the ideal fit to bridge the gap between existing ServiceNow capabilities and the functionalities Dawn and her team needed, and more.

IT Inventory Management using ServiceNow Assets

“It just made sense for us to manage our mobile devices and expenses in ServiceNow. If we could get everything in ServiceNow, we knew we would have the best possible solution.”

brightfin empowered Carlisle to manage mobility right in ServiceNow:

  • Automatically audit, reconcile and allocate costs from mobile invoices
  • Automate carrier cost optimizations for plans and features
  • Give employees full cost visibility with portals and analytics for End Users, Managers, and Admins
  • Order new mobile devices and services
  • Change plans and features
  • Automate the process of suspending and disconnecting mobile services
  • Integrated Microsoft Intune via brightfin’s APIs which enable device information in and out of the CMDB, as well as Intune actions (enrollments, wipe, lock, change passcodes, etc.)

The Results

  • Increase efficiency – Carlisle eliminated 90% of tedious, manual work with automation, enabling the team to take on mobile management without additional headcount
  • Great Employee Experiences – Carlisle employees enjoy quick service delivery and transparency into their devices, costs, and services
  • Additional Budget – the automation and provider cost savings were more than double the costs for partnering with brightfin. Carlisle can use this budget for expanding the service desk globally.


Click here to download the case study.

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