A reliable call accounting solution captures call records from different telephone systems, reporting on employee activity, telecom costs and telecom usage. Our intelligent call accounting and telecom expense management solution does all of that and more. It is an intuitive, affordable and powerful call auditing system that manages reporting, tracking, analytics and recording and rating of call data.

Our mobile enterprise solutions collection and processing of call records from almost all telecom sources, including conference services, on-premise VoIP and PBX servers, wireless handsets and local and long distance service providers. These services enhance centralized analysis and reporting of a company’s entire communications structure. What’s more, our secure and intuitive web-user interface provides unlimited access to a personalized dashboard, on-demand traffic analysis and a detailed menu of pre-defined reports. This access helps business managers and IT specialists control expenses, improve telephone services and increase employee productivity by providing comprehensive usage insights.

Here’s a closer look at key features of our platform:

  • Interactive dashboard. There is more to call accounting than just collecting data. The information must be usable. Our advanced call accounting solutions provide flexible reporting options and interactive dashboards. They are also configurable and allow you to track call activities at a glance.
  • Supports most PBX, IP and key phone systems. brightfin has the capability to integrate with the majority of telecom systems.
  • Flexible and extensive reports. Generates telecom market reports in excel and PDF formats.
  • Professional technical support. brightfin assigns all customers a friendly, dedicated account manager that is always on standby to help. They will not only assist you with launching the product but can also help you manage your system remotely right from installation. We can communicate through emails or telephone, depending on your preference.
  • Scalability. ServiceNow’s  highly scalable platform will integrate well with your enterprise and expand in tandem with your business.

Benefits of our call accounting solution include:

  • Network optimization. When you monitor your call activity with our system, you can ensure there is enough capacity to handle even peak volume. This maximizes the value of your telecom expense management services.
  • Cost accounting. With btightfin’s call accounting you can ensure your company always has the most accurate cost allocations.

At brightfin, we pride ourselves in offering one of the most powerful call accounting solutions and telecom expense management available. With our unparalleled professional technical support and our system’s ease of use, we are the go-to company for all your call accounting needs.