22.20 Release Announcement

brightfin is pleased to present the 22.20 release in March 2023. This release introduces new functionality and enhances existing features for Mobile, Fixed, and our Core Solution. Certified against the latest version of ServiceNow Utah, this release has also been tested against Rome and Tokyo. Available in the ServiceNow Store on March 16, 2023.

Some of the top features:

  • brightfin is now available in English, French, and German
  • Process invoices faster by separating ready-to-go invoices
  • Support for both eSIM and physical SIM
  • Track and manage Telecom procurement workflows

Watch the full release video here or see individual sections below.

Core Platform Updates

Account Hierarchy

The 22.20 release introduces the ability to manage your provider expenses across products at both the Billing Account level and at the Foundation Account level. This provides your organization flexibility to manage expenses and control invoices based on your provider-specific account policies and rules.

Invoice Processing

brightfin continues to identify ways to improve the speed and accuracy in processing invoices. With this release, invoices that are part of a batch which may require additional review or corrections can be skipped and processed separately without stopping the rest of the upload.

  • Process invoices faster by separating ready-to-go invoices in a batch from ones that may require additional investigation
  • Create a new batch by transferring Multiple Unpaid Invoices
  • Ability to transfer invoices to a New AP Report

Bill Pay

brightfin delivers an integrated Bill Pay solution that enables payment of your mobile, telecom, and cloud vendors. For organizations interested in automating the entire lifecycle of invoice management this includes the vendor payment. Our global payment solution can ensure safe, efficient, and secure cross-border payments with a growing list of countries and currencies.

French Language Pack

In addition to supporting English, and German, the brightfin platform is now available in French.

Mobile Updates

eSim Functionality

As eSim becomes more prevalent, no longer is a physical SIM card required. This release eliminates the need to register the ICCID when ordering new devices or making changes to existing devices. For Verizon customers, you are now able to order the iPhone14 or any device that can be ordered without the physical SIM using their API, meeting the capabilities of AT&T and key European carriers within the brightfin platform.

  • Provide support for both eSIM and physical SIM cards
  • Eliminate the need to register the ICCID
  • Leverage Verizon API to order iPhone 14 or any device without a physical SIM
  • Audit rule to identify non-authorized features

Provider Action Configurations

This release includes a number of new Provider Action Configurations that will enable you to provide a more personalized experience for your end users while still adhering to your organization’s rules and policies.

  • Configuration of an optionally mandatory justification criteria and other notes field
  • Enable end users to request another user to make changes on their behalf
  • Enable or disable the ability for the end user to choose any service plan without correlation to the device type

Notification Framework

This new framework enables clients with configurable notifications that can dynamically pull full order details into the request, includes a standard status bar and easily communicate updates and changes to a request or process. As you migrate to these new configurations, you will be less dependent on customizations.

Fixed/ Telecom Updates

Quote Management Improvement

Automating quote management for telecom requests makes it easier for you to gather faster responses to RFP’s, make more informed decisions, and manage the quote-to-order process in one location. This will help to enhance your procurement workflows within the brightfin solution.

Telecom Procurement

Leveraging workflows within ServiceNow, customers are able to maintain accurate inventory records of their assets and services based on requested for Installs, Disconnects, and Upgrades.

  • Ability to track and manage a procurement workflow within the application without having to swivel chair or manage multiple systems
  • Visibility into existing services on the Fixed Inventory Dashboard
  • New notifications to communicate updates on a New Fixed Service Request

Telecom Inventory Tables

brightfin continues to invest in delivering accurate and detailed inventory data. This release expands and enhances inventory information including location details, order information, class of service and user defined fields.

  • Makes Fixed inventory more visible and actionable for users
  • Ability to expand and enhance inventory with vital information to the business
    • Location information
    • Order information
    • Class of Service
    • User Defined Fields