TEM integration with ServiceNow

ServiceNow has quickly become the leading IT Service Management (ITSM) platform and the workflow platform at the heart of the majority of fortune 500 companies. As such, Technology Expense Management (TEM) integrations with ServiceNow have become highly appealing. With ServiceNow already expertly handling service and asset management, organizations hope to provide a unified experience for their employees to request TEM services and manage telecom and cloud expenses. 

The desire for companies to leverage their existing ITSM platform to manage TEM has led a number of legacy providers to build integration with the Now platform. These integrations vary in functionality and depth, but only brightfin has the new ServiceNow designation, Built on Now.

Built on Now Designation

During ServiceNow’s Knowledge 20, a new designation for applications built on the ServiceNow Platform was unveiled:

                         Mobile Expense Management software built on servicenow

In the world of custom apps, there is a spectrum of value and trust. This is mostly based on where app logic resides and knowing exactly how your app logic is being processed. This can lead to uncertainty and doubt around the reliability and security of applications you are using. By using “Built on Now” apps, you instantly have a higher degree of trust that the application will perform with the same reliability and security as ServiceNow.  

“A Built on Now application is one that is built, natively, on the ServiceNow Platform. In other words, it’s an application that has the primary business logic, user experience, and end-customer value all driven, experienced, and designed on ServiceNow.”

David Gatley
Global Lead ISV Advisory Solutions Architect

                         graphic showing built on now applications

Benefits of Built on Now

brightfin is the ONLY technology expense management solution on the market that is Built on Now. This means that the entirety of brightfin’s applications reside and operate within ServiceNow giving you many advantages over legacy TEMs with siloed platforms.

Fast Implementations

In most instances, ServiceNow already houses and maintains the required data needed to manage TEM. In addition, it provides the infrastructure and workflows to manage assets and services. With brightfin the only integration work is bringing provider data and actions into ServiceNow which has been mastered with over 300 provider integrations.

Unified User Experiences

Employees gain a standardized, consumer-grade user service experience on ServiceNow. This means no matter what IT asset or service they need, they get one great experience and aren’t forced to login to a separate portal for TEM requests. Users get simple, expedited services and IT teams deal with fewer escalations, emails, and phone calls.

Centralized Asset Management

brightfin brings TEM inventories within ServiceNow where they are assigned to users or business units. This creates a remarkably accurate inventory system that reacts to changes captured in ServiceNow like employee transitions or location closings.  

Flexibility and Control

Instead of a foreign technology platform that’s controlled by a TEM partner, brightfin puts the customer in control of their data and processes. Customers can easily drive additional value with low/no code workflows to make TEM processes work better for their business.  

Streamlined Work

As an enterprise platform, the whole organization works on ServiceNow. Digital workflows enable work that requires multiple parties to be handled with speed and ease. This could be something as simple as an approval or as complicated as an onboarding process.

Certified Integrations vs. Built on Now

The main difference between integrations and “Built on Now” is that integrations rely on external services that could experience problems at any time and cause downtime. In addition, there is always the risk that the integration, which is normally driven by APIs, also experiences problems. At the time this was written, existing TEM integrations are limited to simple device and service ordering from within ServiceNow.

“An integration that relies on an external service may go offline if that service is down. Or, a custom application may be processing some data externally to ServiceNow and then bringing that data into ServiceNow subsequent to that processing – if that external processing has an error, goes offline, or is impacted by a different process the ServiceNow user may be in the dark as to what has happened. With BuiltOnNow applications, these problems are not possible, as the primary business logic, functionality and user experience is driven through the Now Platform.”

David Gatley
Global Lead ISV Advisory Solutions Architect


brightfin is one of the longest-standing ServiceNow Technology Partners and has been producing quality, certified, and natively built apps since 2013. Each and every one of brightfin’s applications is Built on Now certified by the ServiceNow store team and then recertified for each new release that happens every six months. This ensures that customers always have TEM solutions that are up-to-date, completely interoperable with ServiceNow, and secure.

Click here to download the full white paper to learn more about how you can improve efficiency with ServiceNow integration and the value brightfin delivers by being Built on Now.