Your telephone services are a money-maker for your business. Orders are placed, sales are made, and contracts are agreed upon while using phones and other telecommunication methods. If your phone system is not updated and well-managed, your customers may get dissatisfied and take their business elsewhere.

There are many benefits to having managed voice services for your business. Managed voice services use your internet, hardware, and hosted PBX so that your entire system is monitored and controlled by the provider of your choosing. Using this kind of service can help make your business more efficient and allow you to know who to turn to when an issue occurs.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of using a managed voice service:

  • It makes your phone system scalable — As your company grows, your voice service system will need to grow as well. Creating new phone lines can be difficult if your system is run on-site. However, when you use a managed voice service, updating to add more lines or features is much easier and instantaneous. With most plans, you can make those changes right away without waiting.
  • It’s more cost effective — On-site PBX and other hardware cost money to both operate and maintain. However, once that system becomes cloud-based, that equipment won’t reside at the company, allowing you to save money that you would have spent on maintaining or operating the system yourself. This money can go toward updating the system once it becomes outdated or it can be used to fund projects in other departments.
  • It lessens the burden of your IT staff — Normally your IT takes care of all technological aspects of your office, including whatever phone systems you have in place. However, if you let a service provider take control of the system, not only will you have around-the-clock support, but your IT staff will have more time to focus on other important tasks that may require immediate attention. Additionally, they will be able to monitor the system for any issues, while also providing updates without your having to remember to do so.
  • The customer service is top-notch — Since a professional service provider is managing your system, they can detect or control any failures in the system, meaning you will have continuous service. If there is a significant problem, most professional companies will keep things running by re-routing calls, so your business doesn’t suffer.

Phone systems are critical, and they need attentive care to stay in top shape. Using a managed voice service can help make sure that everything runs smoothly while also taking the burden off of you and your employees. brightfin can support your telecom expense management to drive savings and a seamless end user experience.