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Ok, elephant in the room…yes, we made an ad and a website page just for you.

We had to get your attention because we think our two companies would be great together. It may seem like a bit much, but you should know that we put the same amount of extraordinary effort into our product as we do in getting the attention of companies we admire, like the team at Salem Health.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what we do.

We’re an IT expense management company that allows you to bring all of your mobile, fixed, and cloud expenses into one singular platform that is built natively on ServiceNow. In fact, we’re the ONLY technology expense management company that is fully integrated with ServiceNow.

With brightfin, you can track mobile, fixed, and cloud expenses while:

  • reducing your IT spend
  • making your team more efficient with digitized workflows
  • gaining transparency across your entire IT ecosystem

We typically save our clients more money than they pay us for our services.

It’s a win all around.

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650+ companies trust us with their IT expense management

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brightfin five star reviews on capterra
“I like that I can run a report letting me know how long a device has not been used so I can disconnect it.”


“They provide outstanding support and are on top of their game. The implementation went as smooth as it could have possibly gone and we couldn’t be happier.”


Capterra Reviews
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Be careful – it can be mind blowing

When your team finds out everything that brightfin can do for them, well…they might be pretty surprised. By being Built on Now, we’re natively integrated with the ITSM that you’re already using. This means we can easily pull information in from your ServiceNow instance that allows us to allocate IT expenses by department or even strategic initiative. Imagine that – being able to see exactly how much IT spend is going to each department and each company initiative. The first step to driving change is true transparency into the situation.

Mobile Expense Management software built on servicenow

What does it mean to be “Built On Now?

IT expenses should be managed in the same system that IT departments deliver all of their IT services and employees request IT services and equipment. All of this takes place in the ITSM (IT Service Management) tool. ServiceNow has quickly become the leading ITSM platform at the heart of fortune 500 companies. Whether you are a ServiceNow customer or not, brightfin can integrate seamlessly with your ITSM.

ServiceNow integration
  • Fast implementations: data that is already integrated with ServiceNow (HRIS, ERP) is available immediately for use
  • Unified user experiences: employees gain a standardized, consumer-grade user experience on ServiceNow
  • Flexibility and control: customers can easily drive additional value with low/no code workflows to make TEM processes work better for their business
  • Streamlined work: digital workflows enable work that requires multiple parties to be handled with speed and ease

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