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“How to integrate ALL expenses into ServiceNow”

Integrate IT expenses with ServiceNow

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  • Reducing swivel-chairing between IT systems
  • Optimizing and viewing all IT costs within your ITSM
  • Allocations of spend by department, location, and initiative
  • Insights from ServiceNow leaders
  • Built on Now Certification explained
  • Issues faced with API integrations
  • Ways to avoid manual spreadsheets
  • And more

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It’s not magic…it’s just brightfin

Matching up your ITSM data with your IT invoices unlocks an incredible amount of power. Get your free guide to understand the value of bringing TEM and IT Finance directly inside of your ServiceNow instance… like easy allocations of IT costs, consolidated views of spend (mobile, telecom, cloud, etc.), automations to save time, and much more.

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