Track mobile, fixed, and cloud expenses in one scalable, automated platform

The scope of IT-related activities has exploded in recent years, making it tough to track expenses from various mobile, telecom, and cloud vendors. Our scalable platform seamlessly gathers data from disparate systems across multiple streams and displays it in actionable dashboards.

brightfin makes it simple for organizations to understand the business outcomes being impacted by IT expenses and to reframe IT costs to the most valuable investments.

  • Decrease IT costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Gain full transparency into IT expense management
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Bright ideas for IT and Finance professionals

Our mission is to empower IT and Finance professionals through easy-to-use solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce spend, and provide deep insights that maximize technology investments.

Trusted by leading businesses both big and small

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TEM expert guidance

“brightfin and ServiceNow gave us complete mobile transparency, allowing us to streamline internal tasks and shut down several legacy systems to substantially reduce operating costs.”

Dr. Matthias Egelhaaf IT Services Director

Automations and workflows to make you more efficient

Increase your efficiency by taking advantage of automations and smart workflows that remove bottlenecks created by complex, manual processes. brightfin’s platform improves productivity and reduces the number of repetitive tasks through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

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Natively built on the ServiceNow platform

While other TEM solutions may integrate with ServiceNow, we are proudly “Built on Now,” natively residing inside the ServiceNow platform and subject to the highest standards in their certification process. By using the vast amounts of data already available in ServiceNow, layered with additional data from outside sources, we offer the most powerful platform to manage mobile, telecom, and cloud expenses. We are always fully compatible with the latest ServiceNow releases and are able to access all data stored inside of ServiceNow without the need for additional integrations or services.

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Saving you time and money

There are many benefits of adopting IT expense software such as cost optimization by only paying for what you use, having the insights to renegotiate contracts & rates, reducing low value employee tasks, accurate inventory management, and process improvements.

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Allocate every expense to the right place

Expertly allocate every expense to the right place to understand what is driving spend and in which departments. Easily measure your technology investments to understand their value to your organization, empowering strategic decision-making for executive teams.

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